Motto For Lagos Girls: Fake It Till You Make It; A Truecaller Customer’s Live Experience

I met this fine lady recently at a friend’s party.

Somehow, we got talking, and she told me her name is ‘Bella’. When it was time to leave, as a sharp guy, I asked for her number, she was reluctant at first but she eventually gave me her number.

I typed the number using an app on my phone called Truedialer.

Guess the name that popped up. BELAWU SABURI!!!! Na so I open mouth….hahahaha.

“Hey Bella, who is BE-LA-WU???”

I started to say as I looked up from my phone, guess what, she was no longer there… She don escape.

And she hasn’t picked any of my calls; I guess she has Truecaller which shows it’s me calling.

So, you guys if know any Belawu ‘Bella’ Saburi, please help me tell her that I like her, regardless of her name.

Help a bro!

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