Mufutau Egberongbe: Scorecard Of A Performing Representative


A good beginning is of no doubt, half done. No wonder our people say: “It’s morning that predicts the day.” The intriguing journey of Hon. Mufutau Adewale Egberongbe, a lawmaker representating Apapa Federal Constituency can be aptly captured by the above maxims.
A probing look at his story clearly shows that God’s benevolence has always been on his right from his first day on the globe! Williams Shakespeare, the great English playwright must have had him in mind when he said: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
The Member Representating Apapa Federal Constituency evidently does not belong to the class of the blue blooded Men that were raised with the silver spoon. His place is actually found among class of Men who attained greatness by a combination of dint of hard work and divine support. Remarkably, he is a Man of great focus who has always enjoyed the backing of divinity in life in his quest to reach the very best.
Everything in existence surely has an origin. To a very good story, there is irrevocably a permeable. Born on the 28th November, 1965 to the Ojomu Royal Family Ajiran (Eti-Osa) and Abdullahi Penrumila Family Idumagbo District, Isale-Eko Lagos Island. For his education, the vivacious: Mufutau Egberongbe had his primary education at Baptist Primary School, Apapa and his secondary education at Oriwu College Ikorodu, then his tertiary education at Lagos State College of Education (Oto-ijanikin) then he proceeded to Lagos State University (LASU).
After his tertiary education, the young and vibrant Mufutau Egberongbe worked in private and public parastatal for some years before he decided to take his future and destiny into his own hand where he choosed to pursue a career in the political and leadership weltanschauung. His first leadership role was when he served as a member of executive of the Kofo Abayomi Community Development Association and the financial secretary of the community development committee of the whole of Apapa local government where he performed flawlessly. Then, in the year 2002, he was appointed as an Education Secretary Apapa LGEA by the late Munirudeen Adekunle Muse who was the local government Chairman then.
Egberongbe was acquainted with Apapa challenges right from his primary school days in Apapa Baptist Primary School and was passionate about bringing back Apapa to its lost glory and his people are very much aware of this, that what lead him to contest for the position of a lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2007 and he was duly elected and re-elected for a second term.
Through vibrant legislative practice and representation, he was able to tackle frontally the issue of traffic congestion in his constituency, via motions passed on the floor of the chamber on the traffic situation in Apapa area. He raised motion for the relocation of tank farms out of Apapa. He have accompanied the Governor and the Commissioner for transport on visitations to his constituency on the deplorable condition of the roads in Apapa. He sponsored and co-sponsored motions and bills that have direct impact on his people such as the sabotage law, the vocational and technical education law, the physical plan law of 2010, etc.
He improved security situation of his constituency by supporting security operatives with necessary, security and communication gadgets. He also impacted on the health of the people too by donating necessary hospital equipment to the General Hospital, Apapa. He single-handedly renovated Apapa General Hospital toilet and handed it over to the management of the hospital. In the area of education, he personally built a primary school at Nanti Village. This is a riverine area of Apapa local government. Apart from this, throughout his two terms in the assembly, he have been distributing exercise books to all public primary schools in Apapa Local Government Area.
He also sponsored many indigent students to different skills and technical courses. In the area of sports, poverty alleviation programmes, community and environmental services, he did a lot in his constituency in the last few years. He even came up with the new Apapa model plan which he officially presented on Thursday, June 27, 2013, in conjunction with Lagos State Ministry of Physical and Urban Development.
In 2015, he was duly appointed as a Special Adviser on Political and Legislative matters to the speaker of the Lagos State Assembly, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa where he served diligently and meticulously and proved himself worthy of emulation. Having garnered the requisite in the Lagos State House of Assembly as a two term lawmaker and a SA on Political and Legislative matters, the incurable trail blazer contested under the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) won to earn the seat to represent Apapa Federal Constituency of Lagos State after he defeated other candidates including Adewole Oludare Adewunmi of the people democratic party (PDP) with an unprecedented margin that has never been seen since Apapa Federal Constituency was created.
The new lawmaker representating Apapa Federal Constituency, Hon. Mufutau Adewale Egberongbe fondly called Mr Solution who is anticipating his one year in office had since then continued to soar and grow in status- moving from one lofty level to another as far as Legislative leadership are concerned. In his short stint as a MHR, he has vastly manned crucial Legislative records at various capacities with brilliant and laudable achievements in his name. Some of his achievements in just one year are given below:

©Provision Of Constituency office For Feedbacks From His Constituents.
©Purchase Of 80 Seater School BusThat Commutes Over 150 Pupils To School Daily.
©Establishment Of Vocational Training For 100 Young Men And Women.
©Employability And Graduate Finishing Training For 100 Graduate youths.
©Empowerment Of 350 Indigent (Mostly women) Of Apapa Federal Constituency With Cash Of Twenty Thousand Naira (20,000) To Support Their Businesses.
©Supply of Empowerment materials such as Grinding Machines, pop-corn machine and sewing machine to 150 women.
©Empowerment Of youths of Apapa Federal Constituency with tricycle (marwa) and Motorcycle (Okada).
©Palliatives for the people of Apapa Federal Constituency during this Covid-19.

1.Moved motion on the Apapa gridlock.

2.Motion on The Inclusion of local chiefs and traditional ruler in our security architecture.

3.Motion on the Need to review schools curriculum to be in tandem with the needs of the society. Any curriculum that fails to provide employment can not take people away from the street.

4.Motion on system 5 Drainage and the need to avert flooding

Was on Oversight Committee Assignments To:
1.Bayelsa on naval committee assignment

2.Lagos on Ports and Harbour committee assignment.

Special Committee Assignments:
1.Attended The American Caribbean pacific – European union joint parliamentary assembly in Kigali.

2. Progressive Governor’s Forum Legislative Session in Abuja.

Strategic interface with federal government Maritime parastatals on opportunities for Constituents of Apapa Federal Constituency.

Also, Advocacy in the print Media and Ltv8 on the need to cart the drainage including radio stations.
Since his emergence as an office holder, Hon. Mufutau Egberongbe has served creditably and faithfully in each capacity and has won the hearts of virtually everyone in this Constituency. His humility, integrity and approachability were considered second to none by residents of this great Constituency. Undoubtedly, apart from his sterling leadership qualities, another thing that has worked wonders for the new lawmaker is his track records of honesty and financial fidelity. He has earned the rare privileged of being trusted with People’s mandate having held the sensitive position of a lawmaker in the Lagos State Assembly to now lawmaker in the federal level.
Judging by his history, unique leadership abilities, transparency and laudable achievements and contributions to the development of this dynamic Federal Constituency, one can conclude that the one year old federal lawmaker will surely bring his wealth of experience to bear on the task before him. He has been an achiever from his antecedents, so he is in a better position to identify and resolve the myriad challenges of Apapa Federal Constituency left by his predecessors.
Hon. Mufutau Adewale Egberongbe is truly the face of Apapa Federal Constituency. Hitherto, the performance indices, as pointed out in his scorecard, seem to have placed him on the side of the people with opportunities to make adjustments and improvements as he forge ahead in fulfilling his electoral promises to the people of Apapa Federal Constituency.

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