Muhammad Mubasiru (MM) Hassan: Celebrating An Icon At 52 By Musbau Rasak

Every interaction this writer has with Muhammad Mubasiru Hassan, is always a journey through lessons of life. Lessons that have enriched my life, assisted me in taking positive steps towards improving not only my life but also those of others surrounding me and those I have contact with.

M. M, as he is popularly called by admirers, friends and associates, is a humanist of the highest order, a man who so much believes in teaching people how to fish rather than giving them pieces of fish to eat. A man who believes that hard work, determination, dedication and Godliness are the essential ingredients to success in life.

For youths aspiring to become great in life, the life of MM Hassan is an inspiring one that will encourage one to face life with all determination.

Hassan was about missing secondary school until his later mother got a loan of N1, yes one naira to pay for his secondary school fees. He is from a polygamous home and the norm was ‘every Isreal unto your tent’ hence the philosophy was that each wife would shoulder the responsibility of her children. Therefore, for MM’s mother, the responsibility of educating her child fell on her.

So when her precious child gained admission into Awori College, Ojo, the lot fell on her and she did not disappoint as she went out a-borrowing to get her child educated.

Hassan was writing his West African Examination Council (WAEC) papers when his precious mother passed on and for him reality of life dawned. But he never waivered.

Fortunately for him, after completing his secondary school education in 1980, the late Chief Afolabi Ege, then Lagos State Commissioner for Establishment in the administration of Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande, took him and two others to then state secretariat (now old secretariat) and enlisted them in the civil service thereby commencing a civil service career that has made him today, one of Lagos most admired top civil servants.

Hassan took his opportunity well, rising  through the ranks and getting himself educated in spite of difficulties and hardship on the way.

M.M got admission to read Accountancy at Yaba College of Technology but hardly had he celebrated his achievement that his father passed on and the struggle to survive became more daunting. The death of his father brought out the resilience nature of Hassan.

He would come to Ojo from Yaba daily to hold tutorials for students; took over his late mother’s charcoal-selling business just to raise money to survive. Eventually, he completed his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Accountancy and for his Higher National Diploma (HND), he was lucky to get a study grant from the state government.

Just after completing his HND, he enrolled for his Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) courses and the rest they say is history as today, he is a Fellow of the great body.

Hassan’s life of perseverance and resilience in hardship was epitomised in his determination to stay put in the civil service even when his colleagues were leaving for more lucrative jobs in the private sector. As a chartered accountant, he had opportunities to work in several blue chip companies but declined, deciding to rise through the ranks in the public service.

Suffice to add that today, Hassan has reached the height of a glorious civil service career becoming the Permanent Secretary/Auditor General for Local Governments in the state.

A stickler for excellence, Hassan writes and lectures. He has authored several books and today his books are recommended texts for ICAN, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) examinations. He is also an examiner for these august bodies.

Hassan will always strive to be the best. He has HND in Accounting, he is a chartered accountant, he is a top professional in his chosen field but he will never rest on his oars.

Recently, he decided to get a degree in Accountancy, he not only got it, he also came out tops in his class and currently he is almost completing his Master’s Degree in Accountancy, don’t doubt him if he therefore decides to pursue a doctorate degree in Accountancy and go on to become a professor in the field.

Stand up and doff your hats for a real professional, a complete civil servant, a gentleman, a man of honour, a real father and a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Tayo, Muhammad Mubasiru Hassan, today, Saturday, 19th April, 2014, as he celebrates his 52nd birthday.

Happy birthday, M M Hassan, you will live long in good health, abundance wealth and spiritual upliftment. Enjoy your day, Egbon.

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