My New Dream @50, Creative Entrepreneur, Efe Omorogbe



What new dreams are you dreaming at 50?

A: More like projects than dreams because we’re up and running already. I’m chasing fresh targets in management, A&R, publishing, marketing, film, television, agribusiness, sports business and more. Dreams will come later.

Q: You have spent half of a century. What does being 50 means to you?
Is there anything you want to change at 50?

A: 50 means marks important milestone, a time to pause, take stock, give thanks, celebrate life, health and wins with family and friends.

Q: Describe your growing up?

A: Growing up was fun and beautiful. Of course, there were rough times but there was always enough love, laughter, beauty and magic to overshadow the bad times.

Q: What shaped you in life – the good, the bad and the ugly?

A: Love, family, friends, music, film, television, literature, trials, tribulations, stumbles, betrayal, self belief, work ethic, little wins, big wins, tough hoods, bullies, naysayers, haters and cheerleaders.

Q: You have worked with a lot of talented artistes, share with us, the high points of your career?

A: For different reasons, some of my favourite highs would include certain important moments working with Daniel Wilson, Sunny Neji, Raw, Seyi Shey, Niyola, Freestyle, Obiwon, Timi Dakolo and 2face/2Baba.

Q: What about the low?

A: Every stumble is a learning opportunity in my book so I really do not dwell on failure. It usually is the fuel for success.
A standout low however might just be the unfulfilled dreams we were a hair’s breath achieving with one of our early talents. We were so close to achieving something truly amazing and puff! It all went up in smoke.

Q: Many can’t talk about 2Baba without mentioning you. Share your experience working with him?

A: It’s been tough and challenging but worth every ounce of the effort. 2Baba is a blessing. Working with him has afforded us the platform to express ourselves, prove our mettle, stretch our capability and earn experience, acclaim and a “little” bit of money.

Q: Behind every successful man is a woman. Describe the woman behind you?

A: It’s more like “beside” than “behind” for me. I’ve been blessed beyond measure.

Q: The Nigeria entertainment industry has grown, what do we need to improve on?

A: We need to revamp the collective management system.

We need to develop data infrastructure to harness the full potential of the local market.

We need to build a solid live touring circuit not dependent on corporate sponsorship.

We need to build, revamp or reposition creative industry institutions like guilds and unions to enable sustainable growth of the sector and protection of members’ interest.

Q: Problems with artistes and their managers, how do we curtail this?

A: Stakeholders need to draw up, understand, execute and respect their contracts. Where these fail, arbitration should be the standard option for legal resolution.

The current pace of administration of justice in Nigerian courts can be extremely damaging and discouraging.



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