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Nollywood beau, Chita Agwu, who started acting in 2009 has worked her way up to the top of the ladder with more than 40 movies to her credit. Despite having a jollyride with her career, things have not always been all rosy for Chita.  She recently had an accident with her car, lost her mum but as they say, tough times never last, tough people do. Here, she speaks on a variety of issues, including the kind of man that can rock her world. Excerpts:

What have you been doing lately?

Let me put it this way, I did a lot of jobs last year and since January, I’ve not done anything.I’ve done 15 scripts but  I am still trying to put some things in place and wrap them up. I’ll start working soon, I have about six scripts to work on.You did a movie recently where eight of you ladies had your head shaved, what was the movie about?

In the movie, there was this cult where you had to kill your husband to belong. The hair cutting was a cover up to make people believe that your hands were clean.

You lost your mum recently and you didn’t shave your head?

I didn’t shave my head because in my place, we are born of God. If you are in the world, you can do the traditional thing by shaving your hair, but if you go to church, you don’t have to.

So how have you been coping without your mum?

It hasn’t been easy because I see her everyday in my dreams. I just had to let go, but it has made me to stop frequenting home as I used to. I feel it’s no use going home since she’s not there. It’s not funny at all, I miss her everyday. It’s just that she departed from this world, but she’s still living.

As a beautiful woman, how do you handle male advances?

Very simple; I listen to you. I don’t insult you because I’m not a rude person. I just listen to what you have to say.

What will it take a man to date you?

There is nothing a man can give to me. I like someone who is honest and cute, because I don’t like ugly guys. If you also have the fear of God in you, even if you don’t have money, though I know money is important, I would consider. But, looking at me, there is no way God would not bless me with someone who has money.

How nude can you go to interpret a role?

I can never be nude. I can be sexy or half naked; you don’t have to be completely nude to get a man. When I enter a place, if I see who’s going to toast me, I’ll know. My smile alone can make you fall. I have a very wonderful smile.

A report said that you bought a brand new car after that accident you had with your car in Ijebu Ode and that you have moved to a choice apartment?

I have changed like two cars after the accident I had and they are all brand new cars. As for the apartment; l had to move from my old apartment because it became too small for me.  I only moved to a bigger apartment and not to a choice apartment!

Can you marry an actor?

If it’s my luck, yes. Everything about me is about love, I practice love a lot.

How would you describe love?

If you love someone, just be real to that person. Let that person love you for who you are. Everything about you should project honesty; you can do anything for that person. It’s not necessarily all about money, money is not love. Love to me is giving without reservation; just like Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross of Calvary.

You are very versatile when it comes to dressing, how come you dress the way you do?

I dress as the spirit leads. When I wake up in the morning, I just dress the way my mind tells me to. But generally, I am a tomboy as I love sneakers. My boyfriend buys them for me a lot.

What would you not be caught wearing?

You can never catch me tying wrapper on my chest. While growing up, my mum used to advise me a lot on that and she used to say tying wrapper on the chest will press one’s breasts down.

So did it work for you; I mean your mum’s advice on not tying wrapper over your chest?

I did and it actually worked for me! I am what l am today because l obeyed my mother’s instruction and took that advice she gave me. And l can say with confidence that when you tie wrapper over your chest as a woman; the tendency that your breasts would fall is very high. Many women can also testify to this also.

Tell us about your programme on TV?

The name of the programme is ‘Aka Nchawa’. It started last two months. It is a programme where I interview a lot of people, not necessarily actors and actresses, but businessmen, civil servants and so on. It’s been quite interesting. The funny thing about it is that I speak Igbo, so if you are not Igbo, you won’t be able to understand the programme.

What’s your favourite food?

I love to swallow! Any soup is fine for me as long as it’s swallow.

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