N/Delta Initiative For Equity And Justice Petitions Senate Over Campaign Of Calumny Against DSS By Rivers Federal Lawmakers (Full Letter)

Your Excellency,
Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki,
Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria,
National Assembly Complex, Three Arm Zone,

Your Excellency,


Our attention has been drawn to the presentation made today, July 29th 2015 on the floor of the Senate by Senator George Sekibo against the DSS and other security agencies in the country over what he claimed to be interference in the Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja. George Sekibo and his cohorts had earlier on July 23rd 2015 published an advertorial on the same subject matter.

The petitioners who are currently at both chambers of the National Assembly by fraud decided to jump the gun by making frivolous allegation of meddlesomeness in their cases in the tribunal against the DSS. What a smart way of attempting to hoodwink the general public and divert the attention of the security agencies from doing their work the best way they know it. It will be curious to know that it is only the so called Rivers State members of the National Assembly that are worried about the invitation of ‘selective’ INEC commissioners (as they chose to caption it) for questioning by the DSS. It is interesting to note that this so called ‘selective’ invitation is not peculiar to only Rivers State as they admitted in their watery protest. Why cry wolf when none exist?

We are happy to note that both the presentation by Sekibo today, 29th July, 2015 and the earlier press conference granted on the same matter acknowledge the fact that President Mohammadu Buhari is determined to instil discipline and reposition the country and the various agencies and institutions (including the DSS) for greater heights…’’. How would these charlatans expect Mr President to achieve these acknowledged standards if the state security service (DSS), a very important organ for the achievement of the laudable objective of Mr President to reposition Nigeria and decides to gloss over glaring perpetuation of fraud by INEC just to satisfy members purported to be representing Rivers State at the National Assembly?

A clear conscience fears no accusation according to our elders. It is therefore advisable for those ‘fellows’ who ‘stole’ the mandate of the people to find themselves at Abuja to show remorse and appreciate the fact that they are currently standing trial at the Election Petition Tribunal as respondents on a petition questioning the matter of non-election in Rivers State.

Senator Sekibo should realize that the intervention of the DSS was in response to a petition raised by APC following the refusal of INEC in Rivers State to allow the petitioner to inspect the electoral materials as lawfully ordered by the Election Tribunal.

We don’t even want to bother ourselves with the other issues, including the massive movement of cash around officials of INEC.

We don’t think it is the responsibility of candidates in an election who are defending the matter of fraud raised in the same election to defend the conductor (umpire) of the said fraudulent election that is under scrutiny. How did the signatories to the petition under reference know the reason and answer why the resident electoral commissioner in Rivers State, Mrs Gesila Khan was invited by the DSS? Why didn’t other representatives from other States of the Federation whose Resident Electoral Commissioners were invited, raise the same alarm if those from Rivers State are not out for mischief?

While genuine Nigerians reassure the DSS and other security agencies in the country of God’s own protection and defence, we want to repeat that no amount of blackmail and propaganda by persons who were not voted for by the good people of Rivers State but who found themselves at the National as well as State Assembly by the machination of INEC (Rivers) and their collaboration will change the hand of God in Rivers State.
It is quite obvious that there was no election in Rivers State on both 28th March and 11th April 2015. Even the child born on those dates will remember that much. All the guns imported into the state to unleash mayhem on unsuspecting citizens of the State are now being used to kidnap and kill innocent citizens.

There is no doubt that Senator Sekibo’s conscience and that of those who appended their signatures to the paid advertorial earlier referred to will certainly be pricking them as they know the truth. But the script has been prepared and paid for by the master settler. With over N120 billion naira approved by the rubber stamp House of Assembly in Port Harcourt, the sky is the limit to how many newspaper advertorials that any person willing to sign can afford. Unfortunately for the master settler, the President Mohammadu Buhari’s administration and his appointees and agencies are not operating as in the past when the ordinary ticket for the candidature of a political party was settled with over N1.5billion by persons who occupied Federal establishments and MDAs. It is because they can no longer bribe their way through that they now resorted to blackmail. It will not work. We are in the era of change for good.

We are confident that with the pedigree of the new men at the helm of affairs in both the DSS and other security agencies in the country, the ‘master settler’ in Rivers State who believes in the efficacy of ‘raw cash’ (even when we know he cannot claim of any legacy/inheritance left for him by his parents) from where he draws his billions of naira to buy his way through in the past by penetrating and mesmerizing officials of Government. The poor ‘rich’ politician who believes in the Machiavellian doctrine of the end justifying the means will certainly meet a brick wall as he employs his usual tricks and exploits. This time, Buhari will ‘buharia’ him.

We will urge Senator Sekibo and his co-travellers to allow the Election Tribunal to do their work. We have no doubt that the three member panel were chosen based on their impeccable record of competence and will do justice to the unfortunate open day robbery of the mandate of the good and peace loving people of Rivers State. It is a conspiracy, too much for the people to accommodate. Rivers people have since resolved to ensure that their freedom to choose their representatives at various levels should not be alienated just as they have vowed to ensure that on no condition should the age long established zoning formula that ensured enduring peaceful coexistence in the state for several decades is not distorted by the cabal of inordinate and fraudulent ambition.

We make bold to restate our commitment that Rivers people will make their proper choice based on the sentiment of the fact that this time around, the zoning formula in Rivers State, favours the Riverine who have the opportunity to produce the Governor of Rivers State in 2015.
We are proud of the fact that the current crop of Nigerians in the 8th Senate are reasonably exposed and sufficiently enlightened to attend to any matter brought to their attention with fairness and justice irrespective of the degree of emotion and sentiment expressed by any of their colleagues who are affected.

Finally, we urge the 8th Senate to appreciate the fact that Senator Sekibo and his co- travellers are parties to the subject matter of their petition and therefore cannot be dispassionate. We advise Senator Sekibo and his group to deploy more energy in defending the monumental fraud committed in the last election in Rivers State at the Election Petition Tribunal and stop distracting  the 8th Senate, who have enough matters to attend to for the overall interest of Nigerians.

Kindest Regards and please accept the assurances of our high esteem.

Yours Faithfully,

Barr. Chizy
Enyi                                                              Chairman

Suzy Ikeagwu                                                        Secretary

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