Nigeria Moves Up In FIFA Rankings

Nigeria has moved up a spot from the 32nd position they occupied last month to the 33 rd position in the latest rankings released by FIFA yesterday.

The Super Eagles have 673 ranking points, nine points from last month’s 664 points, to move up one step in the table despite not playing any match since the last rankings were released.

The points however, did not change the country’s position on the continent as Nigeria still sits third behind last month’s top two teams; Algeria and Cote d’Ivoire.

The North Africans added eight points to July’s 872 points to cement their first place on the continent. The points were also enough for them to remain as the 24th best football playing team in the world.

Cote d’Ivoire dropped 10 points from July’s 850 points to have 840 points in August but the point was also enough to have them tail Algeria as the 25th team in the world.

Egypt also dropped from their 36th position in July as they retained their 645 points to remain as the fifth team in Africa. Ghana overtook them for the fourth position having added six points to their 642 points from July to move up to 36th in the world.The other top ten countries on the continent were Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, and Senegal, who are 42nd, 50th, 54th, 58th and 59th in the world respectively.

In the top of the table, World Cup winners, Germany, still retain their place as the best soccer playing nation in the world as they garnered 1736 points from their July’s 1724 points.

Argentina and the Netherlands also retained the second and third spots with 1604 and 1507 points respectively. Colombia, Belgium and Uruguay are the other teams in the top six of the rankings.

Spain, however, moved a spot up to 7th as they added 12 points to last month’s 1229 to tie on 1241 points with Brazil, who remained on the spot they had occupied since last month.

Switzerland and France are the last countries in the top ten of the table as they maintained their previous 1218 and 1212 points respectively.

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