Nigerian Ahmadi Muslims Storm London For Islamic Conference

Qasim Akinreti, London

The leader of the Nigerian Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Dr Mashuud Fashola, along with 19 other members have joined their counterparts across the world in the Oakland Farm, United Kingdom (UK) for the 48th Annual Conference of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, UK from 29th to 31st August, 2014.

The three day event is an annual Islamic gathering focusing on lectures geared towards peaceful coexistence, global religious harmony, Islamic and moral upbringing from renowned Islamic scholars across the world. 

The gathering will be opened on Thursday, 28th August, 2014 with an international tabligh – preaching seminar on effective ways of peaceful propagation and better understanding of Islam by the Ahmadiyya Islamic community.

Distinguished guests, heads of government across the world, traditional rulers and representatives of religious groups have also been invited to grace the occasion. 
The highlight of the event is the global bait – Islamic allegiance to the Khalifah of the time and world head of the Ahmadiyya

Muslim community, Hazrat Mirza  Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V.

Arrangements have been concluded to bring the proceedings of the conference live on and brief newscast on two Nigerian television stations, Murhi International Television (MITV) and the Lagos Television (LTV) service. The Friday Islamic page of the National Mirror will equally cover the gathering for the print media in Nigeria.

Ahead of the event, the head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Nigeria,Dr Mashuud Fasola had a live interactive on MITV Islamic Programme last Friday and the National Secretary, Tabligh (Preaching), Dr Saeed Timehin will also feature on the same stations to preview the London Islamic conference.

Members  across the world will also use the opportunity to discuss with the world head of the Ahmadiyya community for spiritual upliftment and personal fulfillment .

A pan African gathering for all Ahmadiyya Muslims across Africa is scheduled for the Baitul Futuh mosque, Morden, London to entertain guests and review the progress of the Islamic organisation in the continent.

Among the delegation are three  señior journalists from Voice of Nigeria: Qasim Akinreti, Head Reportorial Corps and Manager News; Alhaji Ishiaq Tunde Okunola, General Manager, Murhi International Television service; and Alhaja Sekinat Lawal, Deputy Editor, National Mirror newspaper.

Shortly after the event, the leadership of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Nigeria is to meet its members in the diaspora first in the United Kingdom during the 48th Annual Islamic gathering of the organisation to discuss their commitment to the   national mosque building trust fund scheme.

The meeting to be led by the Amir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Nigeria, Dr Mashuud Fasola along with the Chairman of the Mosque Building Programme In Nigeria, Dr Yaqeen Habeeb, who is also the Naib Amir, North and Deputy Head of the Islamic organisation.

Ahead of the meeting, the committee has already sent a letter from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Nigeria to intimate the Diaspora’s members on the national mosque trust fund. 

According to the content of the letter, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fasola, Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, “Nigerian jamaatb is seeking the support of the Jamaat members in giving facelifts to the Jama’at mosques in Nigeria. 

“Many of these mosques have remained uncompleted for a long time, while at the same time there is urgent and compelling need to build new ones to step up tabligh activities, and as part of effort for physical expansion and development of the Jama’at in Nigeria”.

The National Mosque Building Trust Fund Committee has been set up to mobilize funds and identify areas for these laudable projects across Nigeria. Members of the Committee are: Dr Y.A. Habeeb, Naib Amir North, Chairman; Alhaji M.B Odukoya, Sadr Majils, Ansarullah, Vice Chairman; Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye, Naib Amir, Southwest; Abdul Ganiy Enahoro, Naib Amir, Eastern Region; Builder Bashir Towolawi, Secretary to the Committee; Alhaji Muffadil Bankole, Chairman of the Jalsa Planning Committee; Qasim Akinreti, Secretary Ishaat; Engineer Adeoye, Secretary, Audio- Visual; Alhaji Atanda, former Circuit President Abuja; Alhaji  A.G.Idris, National Financial Secretary; Dr. Samiullah Tahir, Ahmadiyya Hospital, Apapa; and Alhaji Tajudeen Onabanjo.

The committee is determined to have a model/design of mosque for the rural, semi-urban and urban areas across the length and breadth of the country.  

In this circumstance, therefore, the committee is soliciting for support and financial contribution towards ensuring that these tasks are accomplished in a record time assuring that the Mosque Trust Fund will be managed by seasoned professionals, and a separate account has been opened for the project. 

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