Nyako’s Antics In America, Nigeria: Time To Shut Up By Gen. Mohammed Buba Marwa

Of recent , Admiral Murtala Nyako has embarked on a single minded and self-appointed misadventure of being the enfant terrible of Nigeria’s elected political class . I find it necessary at this point in time to respond to the Admiral in my personal capacity, and also as a retired military officer, a politician, a former military administrator and an indigene of Nyako’s home state, Adamawa State.

Admiral Nyako recently disparaged his country and its leadership in far way America. An unheard of precedence. Tell me, which foreign investor will gladly come here to invest after. Not satisfied, a few days ago, he fired off a letter to the Northern governors, alleging that President Goodluck Jonathan and his government were the ones behind the current insurgency in the North and were indeed waging a war of genocide against Northerners. I must first of all state very clearly that Nyako’s letter does not represent the opinion of Adamawa State and its people.

Nyako’s statement apart from its incoherence, was to say the least disrespectful, shameful, embarrassing to the military constituency and most unbecoming of a retired Admiral, former Service Chief, and an Executive Governor. The current circumstance and security challenges in Nigeria call for a non-partisan approach towards finding a lasting solution. Blame game is not the way to go, we must all lock ourselves together and be united in confronting the challenge in front of us.

Admiral Nyako should be quite clear that President Goodluck Jonathan did not pronounce himself President and walk into the Villa. God made him President. Even our scriptures allude to the fact that it is God that makes leaders, giving it to whom He chooses, and when He chooses. And it is the same God that will remove a leader when He chooses. And while President Goodluck Jonathan may not be a perfect human being and only God is perfect, yet he remains our President, whether Nyako likes it or not.

Nyako must recognize him as the leader of Nigeria and C-in-C. It is therefore in bad faith and setting a bad example for the younger ones in the Armed Forces for Admiral Nyako to bad mouth his President in the way and manner he is doing of recent. It is far the same reason that I personally, considering that Admiral Nyako is my senior in the service, that I have never uttered a word of disdain, insult or indecorum language against him.

As well, he must respect the office of President and refrain from his current antics. Those who do not respect their superiors also do not deserve respect. Perhaps he is looking for a way to explain his non-performance in government, by saying the current insurgency has eaten away all the states money through security vote. What a tissue of lies! I should equally add that Nyako should be the last to undermine and speak ill of men and women in uniform-his constituency who are doing their best.

In rounding up, I must make it quite clear also that Nyako and his APC cannot and will never form the next government in Adamawa State. We were the roots, trunk, branches and leaves of APC. And now we are gone. Nyako only has the shell.

Believe me, it is a matter of weeks, even the shell will be gone, leaving him with nothing except the letters: APC. And by then, even those letters will not cure his headache. PDP will surely form the next government in Adamawa by the grace of God. So Nyako should start packing his luggage and writing his hand over notes. Regarding the President’s visit next week to receive us into the PDP and the furore being created about Ribadu Square.

I should recall that not long ago, he denied a former President the same square, denied him lodgings,  where to pray and even denied him the civility of a meal. Today, we have a sitting President on a visit to Adamawa State. Nobody should beg Nyako for the use of Ribadu Square. The Nigerian President can set his foot in anywhere Nigeria he chooses to.

Finally, to Admiral Nyako, I revisit Dr. Azikiwe’s historic statement that no condition is permanent. One day, Nyako will be a former Governor. I therefore say Nyako: Enough is Enough. Stop all this nonsense and SHUT UP.

Gen. Muhammed Buba Marwa, OFR
Yola, Adamawa state   
23rd April, 2014     

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