Oil Business Magnate,Tonye Cole, Celebrates Dad, Chief Patrick Dele Cole, @ 80 

By Megito Audu
Former Nigeria Ambassador to Brazil, Patrick Dele Cole is 80. His son and CEO Energy Group,Tonye has penned down emotional tribute to celebrate the milestone.
According to the Rivers State All Progressive Congress gubernatorial candidate in the last election,
“It is within the complete sovereignty of the Lord to give anyone a long life but it is well within our control how we choose to live that life’ he stated.
Patrick Dele Cole
“Some live very long like Methuselah and there is nothing they are remembered for, while some live relatively short lives like Jesus did and their impact resonates through history.
“As I journey through this life, I think of these two extremes and how you have navigated your life and it pleases me to see you have done extremely well in the key areas of life:
” Spiritually – You gave your life to God and are at peace with your relationship with Him.
“Marriage – You have loved the wife of your youth and in the last few years have been the strongest pillar of support in trying times.
“Family – You have raised your family well, bonding nuclear and extended family such that we all see ourselves as blood brothers and sisters. A fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree and when we see how well all your children are doing, we know why.
“Service – You have put your nation, state and community above yourself. Our belief in the inherent promise of a great nation comes from seeing how selflessly you have loved and served her.
“Materially – You have modeled contentment and balanced ambition perfectly for all to see and learn from. Today you don’t lack, you don’t beg and you don’t fret, you don’t worry and none of your children lack bread to eat. What a blessing that is for any man.
“Daddy, may God bless you and keep you now and always. Happy 80th birthday and many happy returns”.

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