Omoni Oboli’s Movie Shines At French Film Festival

FOR Omoni Oboli, life has always been one step after the other. She started out as an actress but moved on to the phase where she had to abandon all to attend to her kids and family after she got married.

When she got to the stage where the children were old enough, she returned to Nollywood – but not as quietly as she left. Her return was announced emphatically in the highly publicized movie Anchor Baby. After that, she began to clinch all sorts of roles from supporting roles to lead roles in several movies. At a point, she was the most endorsed actress by corporate organizations.

Moving on from that phase, Omoni Oboli has now added the ‘director’ toga to her title. She has in the past few months directed three movies. And just like her big return to Nollywood, her debut movie, Being Mrs Elliot (BME) also made an emphatic debut in Paris, France, where it opened a major festival, Nollywood Week in Paris.

Speaking on the development, the mother of three said, “I was very happy when I was informed that BME would open the festival in Paris.

The biggest part of a festival is the opening and closing film, as a green horn director, it is a big deal for my movie to open such an important festival in France. I am grateful to my co-producer and husband, Nnamdi, and the cast – AY, Lepacious Bose, Majid, Uru Eke, and others.”

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