One Dead, Another In Coma In Lagos Island Supremacy Clash + Photo  

Two boys were feared dead in a bloody reprisal attack by some youths from Idumota area who attacked their counterparts from John Street in Lagos Island during a ceremonial gathering at Itafaji area of Lagos on late Monday, 24th August, 2015.

The victims whose names are not known as at the time of this report were seriously butchered with cutlasses by assailants numbering over 40 from Idumota who invaded a naming ceremony event at Onikepo Street, Itafaji, Lagos Island at about 7.45pm to avenge the earlier attack made by the John Street boys on their colleague Saturday, 22nd August, 2015.

One of the victims was machete at Onikepo Street, while the other was pursued through Alli Street to Elias Street where he was caught and dealt with before residents rescued him.

The two boys were taken to General Hospital, Lagos Island by the Good Samaritans.

It was gathered that one of the victims attacked at Onikepo later died while the second was still in coma and there was little hope that he will survive it.

Sources revealed that there was a bloody clash between the youths from John Street and Idumota area which are adjacent to each other on Saturday, 22nd August, 2015  where one Shamee who led Idumota boys was attacked with cutlasses and charm.

Shamee was rescued and taken to his home town for spiritual attention and his team commenced manhunt for the John Street boys who had fled the area.

According to source, the John Street boys later showed-up on Monday at Itafaji to see their friend called ‘Billy’ where somebody who knew about their atrocities alerted the Idumota youths and they, in rapid response, descended on them, disrupting the naming ceremony going on.

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