Opinion: Ekiti 2014: “Poison” Can Be Served Chilled Or Otherwise But Not In Ekiti By Dimeji Daniels

The attack of the commander of mobile policemen in Ekiti State, Selenkere Michael, on the convoy of Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, was nothing short of a coup. The surgical manner one of the security aides of the governor, who approached the Bayelsa-born OC Mopol to inform him of the governor’s presence was disarmed and arrested while another DSS agent attache with the governor was hit by a tear-gas canister aimed directly at the vehicle in which the governor was seated could not have been better described with another word other than “coup”.

Armed with two armoured personnel carriers and vehicles bought for the Ekiti State Police Command by the State Government, the OC Mopol – after Saturday’s PDP rally where PDP leaders brazenly lied – led his men in a commando-like style to attack members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the convoy of the incumbent governor. Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Service and Establishment and Senator representing Ekiti Central, Ojudu Babafemi; and Honourable Oyetunde Ojo were not only tear-gassed but also insulted, assaulted and almost arrested. The commissioner for Integration and Inter-Governmental Affairs, Mr. Funminiyi Afuye,  didn’t get so lucky as he was arrested and whisked away.

The OC Mopol was said to have asked in a fit of anger “Who is governor when the Vice President is around? I can even arrest the governor!”

Not a few who heard this obscenity was shocked at the uncouth militant-like behaviour of the Bayelsa-born policeman of Ijaw extraction who many believe could not have acted in such a rude manner to a sitting governor of a state without the backing of the presidency.

In fact, three members of the APC were a month ago arrested for allegedly throwing stones at Fayose campaign headquarters while in fact it was thugs from the same office who stoned the convoy of Governor Fayemi. The Police’s letter of invitation had read “malicious damage”, but on honouring the invitation, “attempted murder” suddenly found its way into the charge sheet and the three locked up. It was, however, another story in court when the judge asked the Police for the name of the person whose life was attempted and they suddenly became tongue-tied. At a press conference after they were released, they alleged that Selenkere had visited their cell at night to threaten them. He had reportedly told them that he had orders from the presidency to shoot APC members at sight and that being against Fayose’s ambition is tantamount to fighting President Jonathan.

Apart from being an Ijaw man from Bayelsa State, Selenkere was, according to reports, Jonathan’s ADC when the latter was the Deputy Governor of the same state. Could it then not be said that Selenkere was unmistakably carrying out the orders of his kinsman in Ekiti, more so that Vice President Namadi Sambo had said the Ekiti and Osun election is going to be war? Selenkere must be the lead-soldier in the war, an episode of which was the smoking of Ekiti State Governor with tear-gas on Sunday, while Sambo is the Field Marshal probably churning out the orders.

The Vice President stayed back in Ado-Ekiti after their rally and, according to reports, held meetings all through the night with his PDP foot soldiers. That apparently was what Selenkere was referring to when he said “Who is governor when the Vice President is around?” This indeed confirmed the presence of the Vice President (who had earlier described Ekiti election as war) in Ado-Ekiti while Selenkere was tear-gassing and shooting at Dr. Kayode Fayemi’s convoy.

The presence of the Vice President must definitely have emboldened Selenkere and his men more to protect the Ijaw interest in Ekiti State. How bizarre!

Onlookers recalled how Selenkere, driven by naked fury, was ordering his men to smash APC-branded buses and shouting “PDP, Power!”

This trend is worrisome and deserving of the condemnation of every decent person the world over. It is representative of the PDP’s desperation, as highlighted by every of their action, to forcefully force a bad product on Ekiti people. The PDP leadership itself, including President Goodluck Jonathan, has admitted this much. The candidate also admitted same. This is why he has been telling whoever cares to listen that he is now more mature. If during his first term, Fayose who became governor at age 43, was not mature, there is hardly any maturity he can lay claim to at 54. A man who is not mature at 43 cannot be mature at 54.

The study and concept of cognitive inhibition were largely developed by Sigmund Freud and according to Wikipedia, “Cognitive inhibition refers to the mind’s ability to tune out stimuli that are irrelevant to the task/process at hand…Inhibition was believed to play two primary roles: the prevention of unwanted thoughts or behaviours…They proposed that children acquire control of behaviour and thought through internalized speech, and that they consciously exhibit a cognitively inhibitory process in order to regulate their own behaviour. Cognitive inhibition was thought to develop as mental control over behaviour developed.”

Could it be rightly said that a man who did not acquire this ability at childhood has an abnormal thought process?

Vice President Namadi Sambo said they were presenting Ekiti people with “new, improved Ayodele Fayose”. If it is “improved”, it cannot be “new”. It is just like a renovated house. Though it may look new, it’s never new. A product may be repackaged through a change of its cover just like changing the nylon cover of a buscuit while the buscuit inside remains the same. In my lifetime, I have witnessed a change of bottle of so many drinks, both soft and alcoholic, while the content and taste remain the same. Whatever bottle or nylon cover that the PDP may repackage the “poison” they are offering Ekiti people does not change the potency of the “poison” to kill as we have witnessed in the past.

If the PDP so much loves the “poison”, because this obviously cannot be about love for Ekiti people, it should take it to Abuja to serve, either chilled or otherwise, at Wadata Plaza or in the presidency.

Daniels is the spokesperson of Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation

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