Opinion: Sambo’s Outburst; PDP’s Show Of Shame At Ado Ekiti By Dimeji Daniels, Ado Ekiti 

The Vice President again goofed on Saturday, 7th June, 2014 at Ado Ekiti as his outburst showed that he has no information about the giant strides of the John Kayode Fayemi administration in Ekiti State.

Vice President Namadi Sambo said Ekiti has problems of non-payment of salary and teachers as well as that of transport. This is total fallacy! Ekiti workers’ salaries have always been paid as at when due since the advent of the JKF administration. There is no problem of transportation in Ekiti state. The JKF administration has distributed cars and buses to commercial vehicle operators which has eased transportation tremendously. This is apart from the fact that about 958 kilometres of state, federal and local government roads have been constructed. It is also a fact that the Federal Government, in spite of several pleas, is yet to reimburse the state government for the federal roads it constructed or rehabilitated.

Ekiti teachers are one of the best catered for in the country with regular training, improved environment for learning, rural allowance, core subject allowance and the recently approved teachers pecuniary allowance. Obviously, Vice President Sambo was not properly briefed .The same lies that their rejected candidate has been bandying about are the same that were transferred to Alhaji Sambo. Ekiti is known for integrity and honesty and not lying as if it is going out of fashion.

Alhaji Sambo’s reference to Fayose as “newly improved Fayose” confirmed that he was actually a bad product. Ekiti people reject any bad product that may have been packaged in any form by marketers who are themselves worse.

The disconnected crowd and the theatrical show of questionable voter’s cards is as fake as their candidate. Nothing is as laughable as the imaginary defection of unseen APC councillorship aspirants and the re-enactment of the defection of an unseen former senator which took place a long time ago.

That the crowd was detached was underscored by the prompting of the Master of Ceremony that they should dance and jump so that the President would know that they love Fayose! What a deceitful outing!

It is glaring that the PDP and its candidate have no plans for Ekiti state hence they don’t have any agenda. There was no substance in all the speeches made by the PDP leaders, including that of its candidate.

With the show of shame at the Oluyemi Kayode stadium on Saturday, 7th June, 2014, Nigerians should not be surprised that the country has been run aground. The total lack of organisation and planning for an ordinary rally manifested to the effect that no provision was made for rendering the National Anthem which was sang as an afterthought with wrong recitation of the stanzas.

Ekiti people have seen the unseriousness that PDP represents and have made up their minds never to allow the affliction that is Fayose to happen twice. 

With the crowd that was imported from neighbouring states and the relocation of the seat of presidency to Ado-Ekiti, the crowd at the All Progressives Congress (APC) rally in Okemesi, a town in Ekiti West Local Government far surpassed the rented PDP crowd at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium.  

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