Osun APC: PDP Wants To Create Anarchy In State Through Lies

The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has warned that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state is gravitating towards creating anarchy in the community through a wickedly relentless propagation of lies, capable of destabilising the state.

According to the APC in a statement by its Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barrister Kunle Oyatomi, “it is high time those charged with the responsibility to maintain law and order in the state, called the PDP to its senses and stop the party from stoking negative passions that could lead to anarchy”.

The party was officially reacting to the latest in the offensive campaign of lies  through the media to create confusion within the state in a bizarre attempt to install itself in power after it had woefully failed to win the August 9 election.

Citing the latest Internet spat that created a stir recently over the senseless claim by PDP-sponsored falsehood that Omisore is about to be declared the ‘actual’ winner of the August 9 election, the APC said that it was a close call to anarchy and a criminal action, which should be addressed by law-enforcement agencies in Osun.

“For the information of the law enforcement agencies and the general public, the APC hereby states the authentic and verifiable state of affairs regarding the PDP petition pending at the election Tribunal in Osogbo. In fact, the first sitting of the newly constituted Tribunal will take place Thursday, 30th October, 2014.

*As you read this, only six local governments have had their election documents inspected, and ‎no strange ballot paper has been found.

*The PDP in its petition filed at the Tribunal, did not ask for a recount of the ballot, and it (Tribunal) could not have ordered a recount. So that piece of information was a deliberate falsehood. No hearing has taken place; the judges have made no pronouncement whatsoever on a recounting of votes.

*PDP’s claim therefore that following a phantom recount, Omisore has more votes than Aregbesola exposes that party’s original plan which failed to materialise. It shows that the PDP already had a pre-recorded result which could not pass through the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC’s) security for the vot‎es!!! That is the result they now want to force through the Election Petition Tribunal.

“To demonstrate the criminal potential of this false information, a major television station had already used the story on its web before it discovered ‎that it was a complete fabrication. The TV station has since apologised for the embarrassment it caused.

“The APC therefore appealed to all media organisations following the Osun Election Petition Tribunal case to carefully cross-check and confirm the truth or otherwise of any story, press release or privileged information they may receive from the PDP in Osun, before publishing same for public consumption.

“Similarly, the APC urged citizens of the State never again to be agitated whenever similar falsehood of the PDP slips into the media.

“The people who run the party (PDP) in Osun have become sick with lie telling,” the APC said, adding that, “nobody should worry any longer when the PDP speaks because its leaders are hopeless liars”.

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