Osun LGEA Board: Oyetola Tasks Members To Take Appointment As Sacred Duty


Governor of the State of Osun, Adegboyega Oyetola, has tasked members of the
management board of local government education authorities in the State, to take their appointments as sacred duty that requires a single-minded pursuit.
Oyetola who said this during an interactive meeting he had with the board members on Thursday, 11 March, 2021 in Osogbo, the state capital, assured them of government’s support in the delivery of their mandate.
The governor said he called the meeting to share the vision of his administration for the education sector with the officials and also  exchange ideas with them on how to further reposition the State’s primary education for the best.
He also reiterated the government’s commitment to improving the State’s education sector, saying that education remains a critical component of the Administration’s Development Agenda.
Oyetola who emphasised that education was central to his government’s quest to revitalise the State’s economy and put it on a sustainable footing, said government was “committed to the promotion of equitable and value-based developmental education that emphasises and reflects the Omoluabi principle and philosophy which the State is known for.”
He said: “we are as interested in accelerating infrastructural development just as we are in putting in place relevant policies that will enable us to have the education sector of our dreams.
“This commitment, for instance, reinforced the recent policy review we  undertook and the focused investment we continue to make in the sector.
“As critical stakeholders, you are expected to fully understand our policy framework and conscientiously implement them to give Osun the much-desired edge in the knowledge- and information-driven 21st century.
“Realising the privilege you have as builders and managers of our children’s educational foundation, you must pursue excellence and jettison mediocrity in your management of our schools. You should lead by example through focused leadership steeped in vision, creativity, hard-work, discipline, diligence and perseverance.
“To do this is to secure the future of our State and nurture our young minds to be the best they can be as competent and visionary contributors to the development of our State and that of the world in general. We cannot afford to fail.”
The governor who expressed confidence in the ability of the 217 members of the Local Government Education Authorities said, “representing some of the brightest and passionate minds in our State, I have no doubt that the 217 of you – seven each from each Local Government Education Authorities – are sufficiently prepared and committed to making this quest in the service of our people happen.
“Without any doubt, this is a sacred duty that requires a single-minded pursuit. While I count on you to give it your best shot in order to have an assured place in posterity, rest assured of our unflinching support in the delivery of this all-important mandate”, he said.

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