Osun Speaker Cautions Nigerians On Avoiding Actions That Can Cause Fire Outbreak

•By Kunle Alabi, Osogbo

The Speaker, State of Osun House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye has charged citizens and residents to be extremely careful of the way they handle fire to forestall fire outbreak.

The Speaker stated that with necessary precautions, people of the state and the country as a whole could prevent fire outbreak as the dry season peaks.

Owoeye in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Kunle Alabi maintaned that most of the fire incidents are caused by the carelessness of the people, saying rampant fire outbreaks constitute one of the calamities common at this period of the year.

The Speaker admonished market women and men not to keep flammable materials in their shops and warehouses, noting that if they have to, it must be stored carefully to avoid combustion.

He equally advised that residents should put off their electrical appliances when they are not in use to avoid such eqiupments from being caught up in flame when their is power surge.

Owoeye stressed that it is disheartening that no fewer than 30 fire outbreaks have been recorded in Osun within a week as stated by fire services in the state.

The Speaker held that in dry season, the level of oxygen will be increased thus allowing fire to burn more rapidly.

He said, ” I want to implore our people to be more careful with the way they handle fire in this harmattan, our people in the market places should be conscious that fire burns more rapidly in the times that we are in.

“Flammable products must be kept with extra care to forestall the outbreak of fire, our household electrical appliances must be put off when they are not in use, it is best that we unplug them from the mains to avoid them from getting affected by power surge.

“If it is possible, we should do away with naked lights like candles and local lamps as we enter deep into the dry season, with this attitude, we would be able to avoid unnecessary fire incidents in our homes, offices, shops and market places”. The Speaker stated.

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