Osun To Omisore: Your Failure To Challenge 2011 Election Humiliation, Sign You’re Electoral Worthless

The Bureau of Communications and Strategy in the Governor’s Office, Osun has asked the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the August governorship election in the state, Iyiola Omisore to put a final stop to his campaign of calumny against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC’s) Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Amb Akeju.

The Bureau said Omisore lost all moral grounds to condemn the Osun Resident Electoral Commissioner when he failed to approach the tribunal after he was thoroughly trounced in the 2011 National Assembly election in which he lost his bid to return to the Senate.

The Bureau, in the statement signed by its Director, Semiu Okanlawon, stated that Omisore was so humiliated under a free and fair election in 2011 that he could not approach the election tribunal to complain against his defeat.

IT added that the ilk of unpopular politicians like Omisore forced themselves on the helpless people for so long through various under-hand and undemocratic practices such as violence, threat, deceit that they lived under the illusion that they had the support of the people.

The Bureau stated, “Nigerians should know that it was actually that election (2011) that exposed the electoral weakness of Omisore who could only win his polling booth in his entire ward with just 45 votes.

“He did not only lose the election but lost woefully. One would have expected an arrogant politician like Omisore to challenge that humiliating defeat in the tribunal so as to show his credibility as a two-term senator. But to the chagrin of all, he could not even go to the tribunal to challenge the election anywhere to proof his point of electoral worth and it is the same man now seeking to use cheap blackmail to criminally manipulate electoral process to his advantage.”

The Bureau called on Nigerians to note the antics of Omisore with his total lack of respect for the rule of law, saying his incessant blackmail of the INEC official must stop.

“A man that cannot challenge an election that thoroughly humiliated him is not fit to comment on the person who conducted the election‎. He has lost all moral rights. The only platter of accepting that is known to law, for accepting the credibility, transparency and the integrity of an election is the tribunal. You cannot leave the known legal way of seeking redress only to now want to seek the redress through the back door.

“The REC of Osun, competent or incompetent, can only be determined by the integrity, credibility, and the transparency of the election he conducted and this has not been in any way violated or indicted by any means known to law. The only person that went to tribunal among all PDP contestants was Wole Oke and he lost woefully. PDP in Osun should keep quiet and save Nigerians their criminal bellicosity,”

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