Oyo Group To Makinde: Our State Needs Quality Leadership To Win Insecurity War Not Your Pedestrian Style


By Adesola Balogun, Ibadan
A  group, Oyo Youth Professionals has affirmed that what Oyo State needs to win the war against insecurity is quality leadership, and not what it called the ‘Bolekaja’ style of the current Governor, Seyi Makinde, reports The Gazelle News.com.
According to a statement signed by the group’s Protem Chairman, Sadiq  Bolarinwa, “the pedestrian nature of the response from the Governor of Oyo state through his press Secretary, Taiwo Adisa, was not unexpected.  It typifies the uncouth temperament and disdain with which they have treated the people of Oyo State and stakeholders who have dared to speak on issues which do not favour them.
“Adisa’s tirade against the Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare for speaking the truth to Makinde, is not only totally misguided, uncouth, uncivilized, and ill advised, but at variance with fundamental  issues raised by the Minister about the dire poor security situation in Oyo State.
“As the Chief Security Officer of the state, Governor Makinde has failed absmally in protecting lives and properties of the people of the state and must own up to that fact. Rather than lay the blame of his failure on the door steps of the Minister or the Federal Government, he should do a serious soul searching and rise up to the responsibility of providing security  for the citizens who elected him. A man cannot lay the blame of his failure  to meet the expectations  of his people on the doorstep of others. The issue of security is of utmost, paramount importance and should not be toyed with.
“The Minister, like all patriots should not sit by and allow the security situation to degenerate  while the Governor enjoys the comfort of his own security apparatus at the expense of the wellbeing of the majority of our people. No sane and responsible person abandons his burning house to chase perceived political enemies. The Federal Government has done alot in addressing the security challenges not only in Oyo State, but the country at large.
“Adisa’s claims that the Minister sits in council without preferring solutions is not only fallacious, but smacks of someone living a lie and in total ignorance. He only further confirmed his principal’s gross inability to tackle an hydra-headed problem which has overwhelmed him. It is indeed unfortunate and unthinkable that governance is being reduced  to a fight against the opposition”.
Bolarinwa stated further that, “the Governor must rise beyond primordial sentiments and put up the gab of a true Security Officer, rather than lay the blame of his non performance on the Minister and the Federal Government.
“Governance bestows a huge responsibility on every leader to rise to the challenge by  meeting the yearnings of the people. The people of our dear state deserve to live in peace and the Governor must guarantee that, otherwise he does not deserve to remain in office”.

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