Pastor Tags Dorobucci Occultic Song ….Don Jazzy Reacts

Since the song Dorobucci, produced by award-winning producer, Don Jazzy, and the Mavin Crew was released, several interpretations have been given to the word, but the originator of the word, Don Jazzy, has not explained its meaning.

Last week, however, a broadcast message from an unknown pastor emerged warning Nigerians about the word, saying that the word ‘Dorobucci’ has an occultic meaning.

The  message read: “What is ‘Doro’? Dorobucci is an occult song. Let me explain, ‘Oluwa’ means God in Yoruba. ‘Chineke’ or ‘Chi’ means God in Igbo. ‘Doro’ is also a name of a god… ‘Doro’ is a god in Mavin’s formula. Dorobucci is just to praise their god. They produced the song Dorobucci in order to achieve more ‘Doro’ worshippers, and that’s why they put ‘Dorojazzy’, ‘Dorotiwa’, ‘Dorosid’.”

The message further read: “Now, some people would change their original beautiful names from Oluwabisi to ‘Dorobisi’, Chidinma to ‘Dorodinma’, Seun to ‘Doroseun’. It is sad that we always forget to listen to lyrics of songs and get their meaning before dancing to it. Kindly rebroadcast and save someone from ignorance. Please friends, don’t let anyone tag your name with the word ‘doro’.”

To this message, Don Jazzy replied “lol (laughing out loud).okay, some very sad people have been sending this around. Eeyaa, pele. It’s things like this that make me so sure that all that illuminati crap about some yankee artistes is just BS (bullshit). Lol oh well #mavin#.”

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