PDP Denies Plot to Assasinate Bamidele

The Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) has denied allegations that a group within the party is planning to assassinate Mr Opeyemi Bamidele, the Labour Party, (LP) gubernatorial candidate in Ekiti State allegedly as part of ‘a grand plot to blackmail the ruling All Progressive Congress, (APC)’ in the state.

The gubernatorial election takes place on June 21 with the APC, LP and the PDP as the main contenders. The contest has been punctuated by pockets of violence in which guns have been used by non-state actors. 

Speaking with our correspondent on phone, an aide of the PDP Chairman, Alhaji Muazu who did not want to be named said the PDP is not aware of such plans describing the information as an attempt to discredit the PDP.

A group, the Ekiti Intelligence Network (EIN) had circulated pamphlets in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital today alleging what it called plots by a ‘nest of killers’ within the PDP to assassinate Bamidele ahead of the June 21 poll. The group named Alhaji Kashamu Buruji, Senator Iyiola Omisore and a former Governor of Oyo State,

Adebayo Akala as the ‘ring leader’ of the plot. According to the group “We have alerted Mr Opeyemi that his killers are around the corner. They are planning exactly what they did to Mr Funsho Williams in Lagos. We have retired intelligence officers among us. There is a grand plan to murder Opeyemi. They are using one of his private guards who will pave the way for the murder. The plan is to kill Opeyemi, cause a state of anarchy and destabilise

Ekiti State,” the group state. It was the third time the group was making similar allegation. 

The group, led by a retired top official of the defunct National Security Organisation, (NSO), Chief Adekanmi Ojo said the EIN issued the statement to alert Mr Opeyemi and the government of Ekiti State to be on the alert. It had previously issued similar statements weeks proceeding the December 2003 murder of former Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige and Dr Ayo Daramola.

Both were killed in cold blood. Though two years ago, the group alerted on similar plots during the Edo State gubernatorial election, but no major killing of an opposition candidate took place except the assassination Mr Olaitan Oyerinde, an aide of Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

The leader of EIN, Chief Ojo currently live abroad in self-exile but has continued to make similar controversial interventions in local politics.

The group claimed that ‘PDP South West caucus is deeply involved in the plot and the grand plot is being anchored by Mr Kashamu and Omisore. We are not certain of the level of involvement of Mr Fayose who is expected to be the main beneficiary of the plot. Money has been procured. The killers has one Fryo as one of them. They have been meeting in Ondo State and Ibadan. The killers will move to Ekiti State on Monday. They will not stay in Hotel but in the private residence of a PDP top member who lives in the UK. The plan is to attack Opeyemi after he would have been invited for a secret meeting in Akure. They will tell him not to come with his convoy so that they can isolate and kill him as soon as he enters Ado Ekiti. Seven men are involved and have taken advanced payment of 1 million, two hundred and fifty thousand Naira each, being half payment for the deadly assignment. They have bought the guns and each is attached with a silencer and poisoned bullets so that he will not survive the attack”.

However, the PDP official dismissed the allegation saying that though Chief Ojo was a member of the party but has since left the PDP since 2009. Chief Ojo who now lives abroad had escaped death in Lagos in 2009. While Ojo alleged plans to assassinate him, the police linked the incidence to a robbery gang operating from Benin Republic 

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