‘PDP Govt Behind Allegation Of N1.5bn Donation From Fayemi To Buhari Campaign Organisation’

Some officials of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led administration in Ekiti  State have been identified as masterminds of the obnoxious and malicious SMS being syndicated on the Internet and the state news media alleging that former Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi  made a donation of N1.5billion to the campaign fund of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential flag bearer, General Muhammadu Buhari.

The masterminds of the lies had, in their desperate bid to discredit the former Governor as well as the presidential candidate of the APC, alleged that the donation was purportedly made via a Barclay’s Bank, Accra cheque. The spurious allegation which started as a syndicated SMS by PDP officials was later broadcast on the state radio and television under the supervision of state officials.

Fayemi’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr Yinka Oyebode, however  debunked the allegations, saying that the former Governor who is currently a director of the APC Presidential campaign never gave any donation to the campaign, adding that the allegation was merely a panicky response by the PDP administration in the state to the growing popularity of the APC presidential candidate in the state and nationally as well as the imminent change  through the February 14 poll.

Oyebode said that this latest attempt to tarnish the good image of Dr Fayemi through this wicked and senseless allegation has failed just like other plots being hatched by the PDP in the build up to the general election. This , according to him is because the people are better informed  about the fraudulent activities of the PDP leadership and its penchant for mischief.

“It is important to place on record that Dr Fayemi does not have any account with any Barclay’s Bank in any part of the world, hence the issue of the donation does not arise,” Oyebode said, adding that “the masterminds of this wicked lie, in their desperation failed to take cognisance of the fact that no bank in Ghana (in line with the country’s law) can effect the transfer of N1.5billion (equivalent of $10million) under any condition.

“This is purely the handiwork of the PDP and its faceless writers and purveyors of lies. And if it was designed to discredit Dr Fayemi , General Buhari and the APC as a party, then it has failed woefully. It just didn’t add up.

“It is however a sad commentary that Ekiti State that used to be known as the Land of Honour is now being turned into a reference point for anything and everything that is ignoble and debasing by these desperadoes.

“That an individual or group of individuals would wake up one day, conspire and fabricate a lie against a fellow citizen and caused it to be spread through the state radio with active connivance of state officials just to impress their paymasters is simply irresponsible and should be condemned by all well meaning citizens of the state.

“It is on record that former Governor Fayemi administered the affairs of this state meritoriously for four years and took it to an envious height in terms of tangible  development and excellent public image. No amount of mudslinging and hate campaign by the PDP government could rob him of his well earned place in the hearts of the people and in the history of the state.

“Ekiti people surely know those who take their benevolence for granted, especially those who took money (reimbursement) from the Federal Government in a ‘chop and clean mouth fashion’, only to deceive our people that no money has been released thereby putting the people in unnecessary hardship. Posterity will definitely judge them”, the statement added.

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