PDP Should Apologise To Osun Citizens For The N350b Debt Claim – APC

All Progressives Congress (APC) has given the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Osun state a seven day ultimatum within which to publicly apologise to citizens of the state for lying and misleading many of them about the debt profile of the state.

“This is the only path of honour left for the PDP otherwise it will portray the leadership of the party and its governorship candidate as a gang of street urchins undeserving of participating in the politics of any decent society,” the APC declared.

In a statement made available to the media in Osogbo on Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, and signed by the party’s Director of Publicity, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi, the APC said that only a gang of rascals and vagabonds could have set out in the last year or more lying through their teeth about so many things against the government and governor Aregbesola to discredit both to the public based on total falsehood.

“The people who lead PDP in Osun are so accustomed to lying that they are no longer capable of understanding the difference between a lie and joke, and the consequences of either or both to their public image,” the APC said.

The party recalled that the PDP had been creating confusion and attempting to incite public anger against the APC government and its governor by spreading such despicable and mischievous lies that at every stage of the exercise, the leadership of the PDP looked much like a monstrous machine made to destroy rather than to build.

According to the APC the question of the debt profile of the Osun more than most of the serial lies of the PDP has now made the party look terribly dishonourable.

PDP had for long been insisting that Aregbesola has ruined the future of the State by owing above ₦300 billion which is absolutely beyond Osun’s capacity to manage. According to PDP’s governorship candidate, that’s a principal reason Aregbesola did not deserve a second term in office.

But now the truth is not only in the public domain, the Director General of the Debt Management office (DMO), Dr. Abraham Nwankwo has told Nigerians that “Osun State is one of the states in the federation with good and stable public debt management” stating further that, “the state needed to be encouraged in terms of management of debt because it has not borrowed beyond its capacity. Osun state debt status is very sustainable”.    

According to the APC, “PDP and all those who have been telling this dangerously damaging lie need to redeem themselves if they are not political vagabonds. And the only acceptable way to do this is through an unreserved public apology within the next seven days.

“Anything less would make the PDP leadership in Osun no better than political guttersnipes”.

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