Pension: Akpabio Asks Assembly To Remove Controversial Sections

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has said the state government has sent a bill to the state House of Assembly requesting that a section of the controversial state Pension Act be expunged.

He also asked the lawmakers that the act reverts to the status quo, according to a statement by the government on Tuesday.

The statement said Akpabio stated this while speaking with journalists in Lagos on Tuesday.

The part of the pension law, which was passed by the House and assented to by the governor last week, approved N100m medical allowance for former state governors and N50m for their deputies annually in retirement.

The Act also made other generous financial and accommodation provisions for the state’s ex-governors and their deputies, including a five-bedroom mansion in either Abuja or in the state.

In his letter to the House, Akpabio said, “It is my hope that with the excision of these sections from the amendment, the agents of falsehood would lift their siege on truth and not distract the good people of this state from the task of the Uncommon Transformation of our dear state.

“Let them remember that I am not a governorship candidate. Instead of firing brickbats at me, let them tell the good people of Akwa Ibom State their plans for Akwa Ibom State.”

Akpabio added, “Because of the sponsored media comments and misinformation of the members of the public on the good intentions of Pension Act by the few opposition elements in the state, and because this government is a product of the people, we have, as a government, decided to forward a request to the House that those areas, which the opposition has capitalised on to misinform the people be expunged and the former law that had been in existence be made to remain the law.”

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