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Plateau State was created on the 3 February, 1976 under the military administration of late General Muritala Muhammed with the capital located in Jos.

Ranking as the 12th largest state in the country and located in the North Central region of the country, it is arrayed with unique and enviable natural endowments comprising beautiful hills; aesthetically green vegetation, the desired climate, serene environments with touristic attractions among others.

It is divided into 17 Local Government Areas, each comprising of ethnic groups such as the Berom, Afizere, Amo, Anaguta, Aten, Bijim, Bogghom, Buji, Jipal, Irchip, Gashish, Irigwe, Jarawa, Jukun, Kadung, Mupun, Ngas, Youm and others, all of whom are predominantly farmers with rich cultural and ethical values. 

Blessed with growth-inclined and altruistic leaders (past and present), peace-loving indigenes and helpers alike, the state with a population of over 3.5 million people enjoys visible and ongoing works of progress. It must thus be emphasized that Plateau State has transformed significantly over the years, especially under the current leadership of Simon Bako Lalong, whose policy focus and governance mission continues to drive development.

Since its inception, the ‘Home of Peace and Tourism’ remains unique and relevant in its growth rating, national development contributions and regional improvements; priding itself as an abode of intellectuals and leaders of global repute as it proudly marches on the path of sustained progress despite confronting challenges.

One of its present leaders, a man of global recognition and true son of the soil, who has brought tremendous glory to the state and nation through his strives, strides and statements is David Victor DIMKA (DVD) is a distinguished personage who has served excellently in the public service for many years with proven integrity, required capacity and needed experience to take Plateau State to the next level of greatness.


The big question: who is Dimka?


David Victor Dimka was born on October 7, 1960, to his Christian parents: Baba David Dimka and Matwok Elizabeth David Dimka in Plateau Central, both of blessed memory.

Victor is an harbinger of luck and glad-tidings, and his conception and arrival in the family ushered in the historic election of his father into the House of Representatives on 12 December 1959. Victor’s father distinguished himself in political leadership and representative governance as a member of the Federal Parliament, Lagos in 1959 and was re-elected in 1964. Later, he was appointed as one of the 50-man committee that drafted the 1979 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

As a true chip of the old bloc, Victor was a multiple award-winner right from his early days at Tuwan Primary School in Kabwir district of Kanke LGA in Plateau State. He was an outstanding pupil and athlete all through his primary school days. Victor’s trajectory in secondary school from Yakubu Gowon College, Sharam, in Kanke LGA through Government Secondary School, Pankshin in Plateau State was crowned with excellent academic performance upon his completion of secondary education in 1979.

Victor was admitted to study Political Science at the University of Jos and graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree, after which, he proceeded for the mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC) where he served as a prolific Feature Writer with the Nigeria Herald Newspaper, Ilorin, in Kwara State. Later while working, In between his busy schedules, he squeezed time to study and obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Lagos in 1999, and also had a second Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies from the same University in 2014.


Victor has a strong desire for a uniform job and attempted to enrol into the Nigeria Army which didn’t come to fruition as expected because Providence had other purposes for him. Undeterred, he later got enlisted in his beloved career, the Nigeria Customs Service after three years of patiently waiting. After the mandatory training at the Customs Training School, in Ikeja, he was commissioned as an Assistant Superintendent of Customs and posted to the notorious Idiroko Border under Ogun State Command. He rose through the ranks in the Service through meritorious work, loyalty and love for a country and became nationally famous for his dogged fight against the smuggling of contraband goods and his outstanding gallantry.

He had within a short time become the nemesis of smugglers and other cross-border criminals and received many commendations from the Service and security organizations for his superlative performances.


During his career, he was posted to Seme Border Command and later to Tin Can Island Command (1996-1999), the Enforcement and Drug Unit (1999-2000) and Lilypond Area Command (2001-2003) where he served as the Command’s PRO, the officer in charge of Clean Report of Findings (CRI) and later Personal Assistant to the Area Controller.This distinguished career path saw David Victor Dimka serving his country with pride at the Federal Operations Units, Zone ‘A’ first as a Deputy Controller, Operations and in December 2010 to 2011 as the Acting Comptroller. He later left for the Institute of Security Studies Bwari, Abuja and bagged the Fellowship of the Security Institute (fsi), to mention a few.


For his exceptional efforts while in service, the gallant officer was a recipient of several coveted awards both at home and diaspora: such as the  Africa Merit Gold Award (African Moment Magazine), Anti-Smuggling CZAR (Crime Watch), Area Inspirational Leadership Award for Immense Contribution to Youth and National Development 2011, the Award of Excellence (Global Business Eagle), Best Turn Around Area Controller by Transport  Development Group, Commander 9 Brigade Nigeria Army (Brig-General S.W. Muazu Award of Excellence), Controller General of Customs Commendations for improved Anti-Smuggle Operations, June 2011, Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria; Exemplary Leadership in Security Award, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Economic of Nigeria, Fellow of the Certified Institute of Shipping, Fellow of the Institute of Criminology and Penology, Fellow Nigeria Institute of Management, Paul Harris Fellow, Gold Award by first Eminent Group Board of Trustees, Membership, International Association of Chiefs of Police, USA and National Association of Criminologists & Security Practitioners of Nigeria (Border Security Award).

Victor, who is warm-hearted, vivacious and far-reaching has always been a champion of ploughing his hard-earned resources into projects that will impact positively on the lives of the downtrodden and the uplift of the economy of his community, state and nation. His generosities are vast and varied cross-cutting sectors, and his desire for a new level of stewardship in the state qualifies him out as a personage positioned for Plateau State promotions and progress.

Dimka is well educated and exposed; his penchant for qualitative, affordable and conducive pedagogic environments continue to inspires his regular interventions in the educational sector with many Nigerian students and scholars (both at home and abroad} and diverse academic institutions as beneficiaries.

The provisions of brand new buses to his alma mater and the National Association of NGAS Students; building of conducive accommodation facilities for students located opposite FCE, Pankshin; assistance in the development of a secondary school and town Hall respectively in the Kabwir and Garram Communities among others are part of his salutary signature in this sector.

A sportsperson and an avid lover of sports development in the country, Dimka’s involvements in sporting projects and programmes are extensive and exemplary. His provision of training facilities, feeding and transportation to sporting venues for long-distance athletes and encouragement of many sportsmen and woman to continually develop their skills and talents and pursue their aspirations in the industry are noteworthy.

Dimka is detribalized, peace-loving, promotional partner, developmentalist, goal-getter and a unifier; and he is also synonymous with several growth initiatives and interventions that have helped to drive poverty, illiteracy, idleness, depression, crimes, and untimely deaths out of the midst of his people. And many across the country are thankful to God for crossing paths with him.

Some of his relatable works include:

·    The ‘Kanke Resort’ stands as a testimony of his rural economy promotions in Plateau State.

·    The construction of the NDA Secretariat at Pankshin.

·    Drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes in several communities across the state.

·    Provision of gainfully employment for many through his agriculture and farm-development projects, especially those situated at Bwari Abuja and Sarkin Kudu in Taraba State.

·    Job opportunities and entrepreneurial emergence for starters through his extensive contacts and connections in public and private circles.

·    Payment of defraying medical bills, school fees, rents, vocational supports fund, and capacity assisted reach out for the indigent and several others support.


Rising from a noble background that is backed by divine benevolence and hard work, Dimka’s compassionate heart and helping hands are constantly improving the lives of his people and state, His assistance in the promotions of effective Security,  comprehensive Health Care, Education improvements, Commerce and trade growths, Tourism promotions, Agricultural Industrialization, and Sustainable Human Development (SHECTAS-scheme) are ensuring that the peace, prosperity and perpetuity of Plateau and ‘Plateauans’ remain on-course and secured.


Victor David Dimka (DVD) is a family man, a community leader, statesman, father and loving husband and is happily married to Mrs Maureen Victor Dimka nee Sugh and blessed with two children-Mrs. Jiritmwa Tapgun and Master Timothy Victor Dimka. Without a doubt, Dimka’s footprints which are all over the length and breadth of Nigeria depict the paths of a rare philanthropist.


Courtesy: Solidarity Alliance for Dimka (SOLAD)

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