Police, Bank Did Not Abandon Gallant Policemen

Investigation has revealed that the police and the bank were solely responsible for the treatment and funeral ceremony of the fallen man.
Emerging details have it that the galant policemen who confronted armed robbers during an attempted bank robbery in Owerri were not abandoned by both the police and the bank.
And this is outside of on going arrangements for more ‘’support’’ for the dependants of the law enforcers.
Checks revealed that the incident actually occured in Feburary 2017.
And the management of the affected bank, Zenith, immediately ‘’reached out’’ to the three officers involved to underwrite the burial expenses and was very involved with the families.
‘’I can authoritatively confirm to you that monetary support was given, as well as in aid in payment of hospital bills’’ a source stated.
Added revelation has it that before the ‘’video’’ went viral for yet to be identified reasons, the bank and families of the deceased were still in talks with the police authorities who are to act on behalf of the families.
It was gathered that the bank is in touch with the surviving policeman with regards to other ways to assist him.
Details available have two of the police men who confronted the armed robbers – later arrested – passed on at a later date, while the survivor is still undergoing care.
Misleading reports – not by this publication – had suggested that the affected policemen were abandoned by the force and the bank to which hey were attached when the incident happened.

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