Positive Change Is Here (Full Text Of Governor Amaechi’s Congratulatory Message To New APC National Officers)

The attention of the Rivers State Government has been drawn to a concocted interview allegedly granted by the Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon Chibuike Amaechi.

Ordinarily the Rivers State Government would have refuse to dignify such clear falsehood with any response. However, repeated inquiries from well meaning persons have made it imperative for us to restate the often repeated position of Governor Chibuike Amaechi as follows:

1) The All Progressive Congress (APC) is a party of progressives who share a common goal of safeguarding our nation and securing its future.

2) Governor Amaechi is committed completely to these goals of the APC and would work assiduously alongside all party faithful to achieve this noble cause.

3) The APC Convention of June 13th and 14th, 2014 was a clear indication that the APC is fully reinvigorated and even more united than ever before.

4) The national party officers who emerged at the convention are men and women of repute and it is delightful that the APC would be led in these times by a person of impeccable character and towering stature like His Excellency John Odigie–Oyegun, former Governor of Edo state.

We understand why the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) would be jittery and embark on a smear campaign as the emergence of these APC national officers is the first major political step and victory of the party in its effort to bring about the desired change in leadership for our dear country come 2015.

Governor Amaechi would like to assure the new executive members that the people of Rivers State would join them to sweep out the old order of corruption and confusion in our country as we embrace the new dawn of Change.

Ibim Semenitari

Hon Commissioner of Information and Communications,
Rivers State

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