Ramadan: Experts Advise Muslims On Dietary Well-being

An Operational Health Physician, Dr. Abdulhameed Adebisi has advised Muslim faithfuls on the need to ensure healthy living during the  Ramadan fasting period.
Muslims globally are expected to begin the holy month of Ramadan early next week.
According to the physician, restrictive food intake during the day can help to prevent health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity as well as improve mental health and wellbeing.
This was contained in a statement signed by the Chairman of Publicity Committee of the Lagos State House of Assembly Muslim Community, Mr Ahmed Oyasipe.
Doctor Adebisi who is the Medical Director of the Lagos State House of Assembly revealed this during a pre-Ramadan medical check up organised by the Welfare Committee of the Muslim community for the  members of Staff.
Delivering a lecture titled , “The Role of Ramadan in Improving Health and Well-being,”  Adebisi noted that Ramadan is a month of self regulation and self training which every Muslim should take very seriously as a way of healthy living.
He added, “Every Muslim is expected to take  a balanced diet during Ramadan and do away with foods that are not friendly to the body, urging Muslim  faithful to also do exercise on a regular basis.
He highlighted a number of good foods to be taken during Ramadan, which includes grilled, boiled or steamed meat, chicken or vegetable dishes that are essentially good for the body during Ramadan.
In his remark, the Leading Imam of the Muslim community, Ustaz Abdush-Shakur Osoala said the programme was designed for all staff of the Assembly to know their health status and provide solution to the heath challenges.
Earlier, Chairman, Welfare Committee, Alfa Habeeb Lawal charged the Muslim practitioners in the universities to research into getting drugs to be used to combat Covid-19 which has claimed many lives across the globe.
Some of the medical check ups carried out during the health talk include urinary test for staffers

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