Ramadan: Watch Out For New Moon On Friday

The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has urged Muslims to look out for the new moon of Ramadan on Friday.

The Secretary-General of the organisation, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, said in a statement that Friday 27 June, would be the 29th day of Sha’ban, 1435 A.H.

“To this effect, members of the National Moon Sighting Committee have been deployed with appropriate gadgets to various parts of the country for easy sighting of the new moon.

”However, other individuals who are able to sight the new moon are requested to contact, through appropriate authorities, any of the following:

The President-General of NSCIA and the Sultan of Sokoto on 08036470422; the Deputy President-General (North) of the NSCIA and the Shehu of Borno , 08037855555, 08023549558; as well as the Secretary–General on 08034540120.

Others are the Emir of Gwandu and all other Emirs, 08036154369; Lamido of Adamawa, 07056344449; the Etsu Nupe, 08039668707; the Otaru of Auchi, 08033892928; the Deputy Secretary-General (North) of NSCIA, Prof. Tijani El-Miskin, 08023577013; the Deputy Secretary-General (South) of NSCIA (Sheikh Adam Idoko) on 08036759892.

They are also to contact the President of the League of Imams and Alfas in Yoruba Land and Chief Imam of Osogbo on 08035740333; the Baba Adini of Lagos, Sheikh Hafiz Abou, on 08037273382 and the Chairman, National Moon Sighting Committee, Dr Hafis Wali, on 08036009090 and 08023037478.

“Where the authorities are satisfied that the crescent has been duly sighted, the President-General and Sultan of Sokoto will announce commencement of fast,” the statement read.

“However, if the crescent is not sighted on Friday, the Tarawih prayer should be observed on Saturday, the 28th of June for the commencement of Ramadan on the 29th of June whether or not it is sighted on that Saturday.”

Oloyede said all media houses in the country are kindly requested to publicise announcements by the President-General of the NSCIA and the Sultan of Sokoto.

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