Re: Final Arrest Of Wakili The Bandit And The Abduction Of OPC Cadres 

By Shola Omoshola
It is a surprise that the Nigeria Police will consider abducting and detaining the gallant OPC cadres who played their role as good citizen and volunteers in the arrest of Wakili and his gang of notorious kidnapper and bandits in the Ibarapa axis of Oyo state
Wakili is a known killer whose devious acts,of kidnapping,raping, killing and marauding of farmlands in Ibarapa  are known to the whole world.
We not only condemn but stand strong to say that the role of the Nigerian Police force is quite unfortunate and unacceptable.
Sadly after the arrest of his father yesterday, Abu the son of the notorious  has killed 4 more innocent and defenceless souls.
This is unacceptable.
The boy is just a heartless and vicious beast and worse of all he is not even a Nigerian.
He, like his father Wakili together with most of the terrorists in our land, are FOREIGN Fulanis and not the local ones.
We hereby call on the authorities to locate, arrest and prosecute Wakili’s son, Abu, immediately or better still to shoot him on sight as directed by President Buhari
We also call on the Nigeria police to charge Wakili to court as soon as possible and ensure that he is brought to justice for his horrendous crimes against the people of Ibarapa, Oyo state and the South West.
We also will want to tell the Nigeria  Police leadership  that their  action is viewed as an attempt at trying to derail the wheel of justice by arresting and detaining the innocents and keeping the criminal bandit in the comfort of a hospital
We shall be holding them  responsible for anything negative that ever  happened to those OPC cadres they are holding illegally
The world can now see how the federal government through the police has chosen to take the side of the criminals and brigands  against the peace loving people of yorubaland.
We are not going to fold our arms any longer  and watch this injustice thrive in our land
Finally we call for the immediate release of the OPC heroes who arrested the monster called Wakili and who handed him over to the authorities in one piece.
Be rest assured that where the authorities refuse to arrest terrorists in the SW we reserve the right to do it ourselves and hand them over to the police for investigation.
Finally let me say the following.
Under no circumstances should Wakili be set free. If that were to happen for any reason it would threaten and jeopardise the peace process that has been put in place very badly and it would cause many to lose faith and hope in what we are trying to achieve”.
Comrade Shola Omoshola is of the Oodua Revolutionary Movent

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