Rev. Mbaka’s Prophecy Of Change Fulfilled

LEADERSHIP recalls that a renowned Enugu-based Catholic priest, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka had predicted Buhari’s victory over Jonathan in his New Year message.

Mbaka had said: “President Jonathan has failed to stem the tide of insecurity and corruption in the country.

“In the year 2014, we had a lot of bloodshed in this country. People were dying like rats without anybody asking about them. This country suffered a lot of blood experience. Many of us witnessed that people were in tears. Just like the ancient world, the year 2014, the 4 in it had the queen in it, which had to do with death. Our leader’s failed us with reckless abandon and nobody asked them question.

“We need change. Whatever it will be, let it be. This is my golden message to my beloved country. Ogini n’eme? (What actually is happening?). The multitude of our youths, the quality young men, quality young women, brilliants youths but nobody has plans for any of you. Our so-called leaders should come and apologize. In 2015, it shall not continue like that (shouts of AMEN).

“By the grace of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are announcing, spiritually, change! 2015 should not be a year of any hooligan manoeuvring to hijack power. This is our New Year message. Listen, when you go home, tell anybody you see that from the oracle of the Holy Spirit, we are announcing change (AMEN). Can somebody help me to shout change (shouts of change by the congregation) in Jesus holy name… I seal this year with the blood of Jesus.”

After this message, a lot of Nigerians criticised the priest for earlier receiving and praying for First Lady Dame Patience when she visited Mbaka’s adoration ground in Enugu weeks earlier to seek prayers towards her husband’s re-election.

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