Revealed! Niger Delta Militants Fund Agbaje’s Campaign

There are strong indications that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate for Lagos State, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, is into clandestine arrangement with the notorious Niger Delta militants to raise huge funds ahead of the April 11 gubernatorial election.

This became evidence few days ago when he began to hold meetings with the representatives of the Niger Delta militants in Lagos on how best to channel the huge funds.

According to a very reliable information gathered by this medium, the project of the funding is to be headed by Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, the controversial oil tycoon of the Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria (TAN).

It is alleged that Ubah is the main sponsor of the massive media campaign presently being enjoyed by Agbaje.

It would be recalled that Agbaje during his campaign had threatened that Nigeria will be plunged into crisis if President Jonathan should lose the presidential election.

Then, he said the militants in the Niger Delta would unleash terror on Nigerians if the election is not won by his party.

By extension, the pharmacist turned politician is now in a marriage of convenience with the top militants to achieve an agenda many had not taken seriously.

Sources revealed that a notorious wealthy militant in Delta has equally promised to pick huge bills of the electioneering, thereby promising them political appointment of five commissioners and two senior special advisers.

Agbaje’s desperation is out of rejection he got from the Yorubas, hence trying to woo Niger Deltans and Igbos to his side via dirty tricks and empty promises.

While Lagosians have been called to be vigilant and remain peaceful, security agencies have also been called to step up their ante in curtailing the known criminality of the parties concerned.

In a related response, the president of Yoruba Liberation Coalitiaon, Comrade Dele Majiyagbe called on all non Yorubas in Lagos state to shun the likes of Agbaje who is trying to cause disaffection among ethnic minorities in the state.

According to him, the government of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is known to have provided enabling environment for all, Yorubas, idomas, Efiks, tivs, igbos, Hausas, fulanis, bororos, ishans, ijaws and all other Nigerians to see Lagos as their home.

He therefore condemned in strong terms the ethnic politics being embarked upon by PDP and its agents, saying Lagosians have decided to continue with the good works of APC in the state and Agbaje should not drag the state backward.

He however narrated the antecedent of Ubah describing him as a man who was heavily involved in Angola and Mozambique internal crises before he fled to Nigeria.

Majiyagbe said Ubah should not use his blood billions to cause chaos in Lagos, rather he should embark on a beneficial foundatIon to help his community, state and the country.

“I want to remind Nigerians that it was Ubah’s TAN that was responsible for hiring demonstrators against Gen. Buhari in London when he was at the Chatham House, so, a man that can do such abroad should be investigated” Majiyagbe noted.

He related efforts of Ubah and Agbaje to play politics with Igbo voters as a scheme that will fail because igbos are people who see Lagos as their state and no billionaire can change their minds to support a good government.

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