Rivers United To Appeal FIFA Ban

Emmanuel Adigwe

Rivers United FC has vowed to engage with FIFA for a resolution after the world governing body of soccer, FIFA, slammed them with their hammer.
According to reports, the club was sanctioned with a transfer ban for three windows by the organization because of the issues surrounding Samuel Akurugu, one of their former players.
However, in a statement issued by the club, the club stated that it will try in every way to rectify the situation.
The statement said: “We are in possession of the said letter from FIFA and every effort is being made to resolve all issues surrounding the development and we are very hopeful that we will come to an amicable settlement.
”We are in touch with the player and all signs point to a quick concurrence in a couple of days as regards settling some pending entitlements.
“Fortunately, Point 8 of the relevant decision of FIFA established that the “aforementioned ban will be lifted immediately and prior to its complete serving, once the due amount, plus interest is paid.
“The management of Rivers United FC is exploring all avenues to bring the matter to a full and final agreement that would be of mutual benefit.
“We are confident that working with FIFA, this matter will be dealt with and that lessons have been learned going forward.
“We assure our teeming fans to remain calm, as we are certain that this situation will be sorted out quickly and the club cleared to register new players before the next transfer window opens.”

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