Satanic Father Attempts To Rape Daughter; Says’ ‘I Wanted To Test If She’s Still A Virgin’

A father who attempted to rape his daughter said he only wanted to test if she was still a virgin.

A middle-aged father who was caught by youths in the Ajegunle area of Lagos State, while attempting to rape his 15-year-old daughter, has come out to say that he only wanted to test if the girl is still a virgin.

The incident happened at the family’s Abiodun Street, Ajegunle, residence, according to reports.

The man whose name was given as Alex, was apprehended by his neighbours and handed over to the police at Ajegunle police station, after he was allegedly caught in the act of trying to rape his own daughter.

He was said to have ordered his daughter to his room and ordered her to undress up to her underwear bur the girl raised the alarm.

It was neighbours that came to her help as they forced the door open and rescued her from her randy father.

They then dragged him to the station but at the station, he allegedly told the police that he wanted to test her virginity because he has been haring from the neighbourhood that she was promiscuous.

A police officer attached to the station said: “His wife was not at home when he wanted to perpetrate the act but the man denied doing that. You know that nobody will agree that he wanted to rape his daughter. Police acted on the information given to us and even took the minor to the general hospital for medical examination”.

Alex claimed that he only wanted to check whether his daughter had been breached.

He said he wanted to know whether his daughter is still a virgin or not. So he decided to insert his fingers, to know her situation, according to him.

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