#Senator Bayo Osinowo: Sun Set At Noon

By SOB Agunbiade
When the sun sets, it announces the arrival of the night. And when the night creeps in, it’s usually with a large canopy of darkness.
But the sun is not usually expected to retire at noon, the norm is for it to observe its full cycle and lit the day with its radiance while illuminating the horizon.
Senator Adebayo Oshinowo was a beautiful sun that lit the path for many to toil. He was an active illumination in the political horizon for many people around him and some of those that observe him from afar.
I wished that all that has been happening were merely an unpleasant dream that would end soon for me to return from dreamland with a sigh of relief; but a dream it wasn’t as it turned out a bright sun has ended it’s cycle midway, leaving its admirers stunned beyond words.
And the question on every lips has been ‘why must this sun recede at noon and cast a canopy of darkness upon the land, making visibility difficult?
And for an answer we may search endlessly. Adebayo Oshinowo, we so cherish the impact of your sun and we actually don’t want the sun to set. We want it to stay right on the horizon, not below it, not above it, just right on it. But alas, you have chosen the noon to go beneath the horizon, making your treasured values now obscured and inaccessible to all that will necessarily desire it.
You were a man of valour and wisdom from whose fountain many drank and benefitted. You were an upright teacher and an apostle of faith. A peacemaker and a unifier in the murky waters of politics. You assisted so much to stabilise the Lagos State House of Assembly and assisted in nurturing its legacy of “above common standard of excellence.”
Peperrito, the politician of repute with a special brand of philanthropism. A rare  leader that forgives so easily. Your sun has set at noon though, but we are consoled with the legacies you left behind. We love you dearly but your creator loves you more and for this reason, he has invited you to the upermost heaven.
My condolences to the family, other close associates and friends of Adebayo Oshinowo.
His progressive soul shall rest in peace.
As you have foisted your night on us too soon, then I say good night Senator Adebayo Oshinowo.
 SOB Agunbiade is the Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly

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