Seven PDP Governors To join APC, Says Okorocha

No fewer than seven Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors will join the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chairman of the APC Governors’ Forum Owelle Rochas Okorocha said in Lagos yesterday.

He spoke at a rally in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State for the APC governorship candidate, Mr. Akinwunmi  Ambode.

The governor said the governors’ resolve will nail the coffin of the PDP.

His words: “Now let me tell you that the victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has been signed, sealed and delivered. But let me tell you something but don’t tell anybody.

“It is a secret, about seven PDP governors are coming to hold meetings with us privately, planning to join us.

“There is fear in the country. The fear is that they know Buhari is a good man, they know Buhari will win. The fear is that once they announce Buhari on March 28 as winner all the bad people stealing the nation’s money will take midnight flight and leave the country.  The fear of Buhari is the end of corruption in Nigeria. ”

He said it took the intervention of Buhari to stop open defecation before it became entrenched again.

The governor said Buhari had stopped all forms of indiscipline before the country became a laughing stock among comity of nations for lack of discipline.

Okorocha added that the PDP died when the opposition parties merged to form the APC.

“The day Babatunde Fashola, Rochas Okorocha and other governors came together, the PDP died in Nigeria.

“On  February 14, we were supposed to bury the PDP but they changed the date of the funeral to March 28.

“Now we are waiting patiently to bury the PDP forever. Let me tell you. You can change the day of the funeral but you can’t change the funeral, it must take place. May the soul of PDP rest in peace.

“The worst thing that can happen to any nation is to have a bad government and the worst thing that can happen to any family is to have a bad father.

“Today, it is obvious that PDP is a bad government. Thank God we came together for  change and the change has started.”

He urged the Igbo community to vote  for Ambode, saying he has the capacity to ensure mutual co-existence of all tribes in Lagos.

Okorocha, who was flanked by Fashola and other APC leaders, decried the economic policies of the Federal Government.

“PDP has cheated you. If you have N100, 000 before, what you now have is N60, 000.

“The Federal Government has removed N40, 000 by devaluing the Naira.”

Fashola urged Lagosians not to yield to the plans of the PDP, which has been bribing people to vote for it.

He said the Federal Government wants to take a shortcut to success, without working for it.

“All the promises they made to you, have they fulfilled them?

“The man has been promising to do more, when he has not fulfilled the promise he made when he was seeking your votes.”

He said his administration did not only put policemen on insurance scheme but bought weapons to enable them function.

“Go to  Youtube and listen to Senator Chris Anyanwu, who chairs the Senate Committee on Navy, begging for money for the Navy to fuel its boats.

“Yet, Nigeria budgeted over N1 trillion for defence. They said Buhari did not buy guns in 1985.

“Are you going to use 1985 weapon to fight 2015 war? They are bundle of liars and do not know what to do.

“Please don’t sell your PVC because it is your future and your power to vote out the PDP.

“The election is about how you secure your freedom. The money he should have used in providing infrastructure is being used to bribe people  to get votes.

“You gave me 1.5 million votes during the last election, and you can see the result of the votes. What I want you to do for me is three million votes from you for Ambode.”


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