Shut Up If You Can’t Contribute Anything Meaningful, Osun APC Tells PDP

THE Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has told the People’s Democratic Party tPDP) to shut up if it has nothing sensible to contribute to the political engagement in Osun except stoking violence.

The party said in its reaction to the PDP allegation that the APC was involved in the destruction of its posters and billboards.

According to the party’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi,  “everybody in Osun knows the PDP as a harbinger of lawless people whose leadership is partly brewed in motor park mentality of criminal disregard for law and order. They commit crime and accuse their victims of the very same crime they (PDP) had committed.

The party recalled that even after a peace accord was signed recently on the initiative of the Asst Inspector General of Police Zone 11, PDP led its thugs to vandalise bill-boards of APC candidates across the state . They did the same thing when they lost the Tribunal case.

The APC accused the PDP of habitually acting with impunity because they have Federal Government cover.

‘We were all witnesses to the criminal impunity with which the PDP used security operatives to molest, arrest and vandalised properties of APC leaders and supporters during last August 9 governorship election and got away with the crime”, the APC reminded the public.

It pointed out that “since their defeat in the governorship election, PDP in the State of Osun has continually instigated criminal acts and accused the APC whose supporters were the victims as being the perpetrators.

“At every point when they have sinister reasons to be happy or unhappy, the PDP thugs and miscreants run amok with excitement and resort to violence.

They went wild on February 6 when the Tribunal decided against them.

“Now that they are celebrating a pyrrhic  victory for causing the presidential election to be postponed, they have again run wild with joy and destroyed mainly APC billboards and posters and turn round to accuse the APC.

“Only those who do not know the notoriety of the PDP will believe the nonsense they are saying,” the APC said, adding that ‘the PDP is incapable of responsible behaviour and should rather be investigated whenever they accused the APC of violence.

The APC therefore called on law enforcement agents to keep a close watch on the PDP because “they are the ones who are prone to lawlessness and violence”.

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