Strange Power Bike Causes Bomb Scare At Lagos Suburb, Dopemu

There was palpable fear among motorists, passengers, residents and passers-by at Pako bus stop at Dopemu, Agege Local Government Area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria in the afternoon of Friday, 2nd May, 2014.

The fear was as a result of a strange power bike parked at the bus stop for about an hour without anybody going near it.

Frightened residents, in view of the recent bomb blasts in Nyanya, Abuja, and the way the bombings were carried out, thought the power bike might have been laden with bombs, started running away from the bike.

Even some policemen called to take action on the power bike, could not move near the power bike.

Eyewitness told that the power bike has been at the spot for close to an hour and nobody could easily pin point the owner of the bike.

As at 4pm, when left the scene, the bike was still at the spot with passers-by running away from it.

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