Supermom Reality Show, Showcasing The Value, Importance Of Motherhood

That the proliferation of reality shows in Nigeria over a decade ago has transformed the ever dynamic changing world of Reality Entertainment in Nigeria is stating the obvious, many would agree that the entertainment landscape has enjoyed a land mark metamorphosis in all ramification.

While some of these shows have withered the storm, became mega brands and attracting worldwide corporate acceptance, others have disappeared into oblivion without trace.

Those that have survived this wind of change, have distinguished themselves by upholding the principle of sticking with the status quo of which they were created.

One of such reality shows is the Supermom Reality TV Show, a viewer interaction platform from the stable of Digital Interactive Media Ltd, a renowned content power house in Nigeria and across Africa, aimed at celebrating African mothers of all socio- economic class for their unflinching love and uncompromising care for their children.

The uniqueness and newness of the format distinguishing it as one of the very few family shows on television, also endeared it to not only the viewing public but corporate organizations that saw it as an opportunity to connect with their target market.

The show since it berthed in 2010 has enshrined itself in the philosophy of true human interest values as evident in the emotional stories told by these mothers never seen or heard on any creative or broadcast platform not only in Nigeria but across Africa.

The Supermom Reality TV show, based on its antecedents, has touched and transformed lives in all ramifications either directly or indirectly with all the dramatist personae involved, that is, participants, viewers and sponsors alike all having fantastic stories to tell on its impact in their lives.

The likes of Mrs. Nkechi Rapu and Mrs. Folajoju Adesona, winners of the first two seasons of the show, have both become house owners’ while brand new cars have been dished out to Alhaja Muibat Adisa and Mrs. Blessing Nwaohu for the show of unflinching love and extraordinary sacrifice to their children.

The participation of renowned celebrities on the show in the Celebrity edition in 2012 gave credence to the popularity the show enjoys and reinstating the fact even the elites have a story to tell and were not left out of the buzz the Supermom show brought into the entertainment landscape in Nigeria.

The 2013 show was considered a landmark edition as for the first time in the history of reality shows in Nigeria attention was given to orphanages in the Heart of Gold Edition. So, Said Orphanage, Children Promises Ministry Orphanage (CHIPROM) and Vigilante Heart Orphanage were all beneficiaries of the millions in cash dished out during the show that year.

Millions in cash and consolation prizes have also been given out to deserving mothers who participated in the show since inception and were voted for by viewers from across the country as exceptional and worthy of emulation.

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