Tarkwa Bay Demolition: Group Backs Sanwo-Olu

An advocacy group, Movement for a Better Lagos has thrown its weight behind the Lagos Governor’s step taken over the demolition of Tarkway Bay, saying, “it is a welcome development that has been long overdue.”

A statement from the group’s leader, Comrade Ekudina Ibrahim, said it was not a gainsaying that the corridor has been constituting nuisances as economic sabotage and security risk, lamenting that the rate of bunkering in the area was mind bugling!

The ant- societal tendencies in the corridor must have given it out as the most unsafe water corridor, agreeing that, getting rid of the place for other gainful ventures would make the place safe since all the acts of criminality would have been uprooted by the demolition.

So, the demolition of illegal shanties at Tarkwa Bay, after all, was never an act of wickedness or insensitiveness on the part of the government; rather, it was a necessary step to rid the state of economic saboteurs and criminality in the collective interest of the generality of the people.

The group leader also commended the Federal Government’s involvement in the clean-up exercise embarked upon by the Sanwo-Olu’s administration stressing the need for more collaboration in the interest of the citizenry.

According to him, any welfare programme embarked upon the Lagos State government should be seen as a programme for all Nigerians reminding the state is a mini Nigeria where every family across the country has one or more members of family.

Ibrahim wondered how almost all the houses at the corridor harboured at least 30 jerry cans each if not for bunkering and other economic sabotage, suspecting that the security agents that raided the place deliberately concealed information on other crime apparatus discovered for security reasons.

In addition, Ibrahim was of the belief that the area must have been harbouring criminal elements, which might have been involving in other criminal activities like kidnapping, raping, burglary and armed robbery.

The youth leader was of the strong conviction that, only an irresponsible and irresponsive government would be blind to such atrocities that could bring down its administration, saying, Sanwo-Olu and his team deserve pat on the back for being pro-active in their handling of the state matters.

The group leader therefore advised the Sanwo-Olu not to stop at the demolition only but should go ahead to put the corridor into proper use for commercial ventures that would shore up the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), for the state to guarantee more dividends of democracy for the people.

“Against this background, we members of the Movement for a Better Lagos therefore pledge our unflinching support for this administration’s good intention to make Lagos State better. And we urge the people of the state to also support it to take the state to an enviable height befitting a mega state across the world,” Ibrahim concluded.

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