The Darey Art Alade Interview: My Wife, My Pillar  

By Bolatito Adebola

Darey Art Alade needs no introduction in the music industry. The son of the late veteran high life singer, Art Alade, has been part of the hiphop music industry and he’s not ready to quit the stage for the younger generation. The likeable musician is about to drop a new album titled ‘Naked’ featuring Olamide, Asa and the award winning Soweto Gospel Group of South Africa.

What took you so long to release a new single?

Yeah, I took time off the music scene to focus more on live talk show production and also to build the ‘Love Like A Movie’ brand. That’s why it took me so long to release a song and not that I drop music for other business.

Tell Us About New Singles?

My new singles are ‘Pray for me’ and ‘Asiko Laye’. They were the first two to be released from my ‘Naked’ album which will be released soon. ‘Pray For Me’ is a song that describes our everyday life and hustle and bustle. You go out every day and face challenges and you pray that all is well. The song, ‘Pray For Me’ captures that. I performed it live at the Nigeria Idols grand finale. ‘Asiko Laye’ is the product of a collabo with rapper Olamide.
How was it like working with Olamide since you sing different genres of music?

This is just collaboration between the rapper and me. It is about blending two different works together. I just wanted to see what the final sound would look like, whether one would, hopefully not overshadow the other or not. Besides, I am a big fan of Olamide right from the good old days to ‘Shakiti bobo’. We have even worked on some things before that nobody heard. ‘Asiko Laye’ also feature the Grammy award winning popular Soweto Gospel Group from South Africa. They are a good group who have been there doing different traditional tunes.

It seems you’ve finally relocated from Lagos because people hardly see you around Lagos?

I still live in Lagos. Sometime ago, I moved out of Lagos. It’s almost 10 years ago but that doesn’t affect my music and here I am in Lagos doing businesses and music.

What informed your decision to invite Kim Kardashian to Nigeria?

I invited Kim Kardashian because people talk about her. So, bringing her here was purely a business decision. People say she is popular for no reason, but I always tell them that she has some talents. She is famous in her own right for some reasons. Apart from the fact that she is a stylist, she has a cosmetics and clothing line, too. Whether you like those talents or not and whether you like what she is doing or not, it does not matter. She is doing it, regardless of what you think or not. Personally, I appreciate people with that kind of mindset.

But don’t you thing she isn’t a role model considering her fondness of taking nude pictures?

She didn’t take her clothes off when I brought her here. Her coming was to play a certain role, which she did effortlessly. Some people that didn’t understand her full job description would have said that she stayed for only five minutes or so.

Why would somebody come to Nigeria just for five minutes and get paid handsomely like that?

She spent about a day here and gave exclusive interviews. I think Gbemi on The Beat interviewed her. Could she have done that in five minutes? But then, I don’t think we promoted her as everybody’s role model when we brought her. We simply said the red carpet would be co-hosted by Kim Kardashian.

Your marriage has been eight years old, how has the experience been?

The experience has been fabulous and it has been of the best thing that has ever happen to me. I can’t complain as God has been good to me and my family. I recently celebrated my eight year wedding anniversary precisely on February 17, 2015. How time flies? That Deola and I got married eight years ago! It has been fun. We have overcome our challenges together and our love got stronger by the day.

What has been working for you?

It’s been God’s grace. I have learnt to be patient, perseverance, friendship and grace of God. Without these qualities, our marriage couldn’t have been strong. Deola is a pillar to me and the kids. She has allowed me to do my music and tolerated my excesses.

You seemed to have delved from music and into business?

Well, music is business; the showbiz is the business part of it which can cover anything that called production, concert production, music production and there’s different assets and different element that surround the showbiz, to me I am showbiz person.

Lately you’ve been working with foreign artistes that have won Grammys, does that mean you’re also positioning for a Grammy too?
If it’s going to happen, it will surely happen. But; firstly, it’s all about the music, don’t think of about the award, think about the music, if you focus on your music and you work hard, any kind of award would come; Grammy is even just the beginning. So it’s not about being associated with them or not but it’s always being the music for me.

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