The Drift: Time To Act


By Taofiq Adesina Azeez
1.Everyone is worried about insecurity and its implications on food production, security and economic tragedy in Nigeria.
2. Only few are, however, worried about the consequences of global advocacy for emergency vaccine production and administration to citizens at great costs to poor and corrupt countries.
3. We seem to look away from the effects of possible permanent health hazards arising from production and administration of fake “vaccines” and the certainty of all these causing more deaths and worsening the people’s suffering.
4. The presence of fake vaccines have been reported while Government is slowly, as usual, preparing to make citizens accept the official ones. Either case, citizens would not only lose their scarce resources but their lives.
5. When we add this to the sure anarchy that is imminently beckoning as the best response to overwhelming insecurity, the results are better imagined.
6. The Time To Act Is Now
7. The Actions are:
1. Immediate retirement of all the service chiefs and a transparent audit and probe of their activities from inception to date.
2. Convocation of a national conference of all religious and traditional rulers/leaders to proffer divine and traditional solutions to our most critical security, economic and health challenges.
3. Re Constitution of the Presidential Task Force on COVID 19 and a probe of their activities from inception to date.
4. A public audit of the cost of fighting insurgency and COVID 19 across the nation and
5. A State of Emergency in all troubled states across the nation.
Prof Taofiq Adesina Azeez
Department of English University of Abuja
Imam, University of Abuja
Imam, Da’wah Front of Nigeria

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