The Hon. Moruf Dauda Interview : I Joined Politics By The Virtue Of My Involvement In Community Services



An Exclusive Interview With Hon. Dauda Morufu the Deputy Leader For Ojokoro Local Council Development Area

 (One of the Biggest Ward in Lagos State) ”Ward E”



Q: What prompts you into politics?


A: I was prompted into politics because I love my people, also love what will make my people happy apart from this, I love to know about what is going on in my community and the environs. I was the former Chairman Landlord Association, CDA Chairman, and the Chairman for CCS Yusuf Landlord Association. I was later made the Financial Secretary under Irepodun CDA, Alagbado for 4 years (2 terms), I later became the Assistant Secretary to the Ojokoro Community Development Council.

During this period that I was serving the community, I realised that there was no one representing us at the government politically house. No one was ready then to join politics in my area, to the extent that if we need anything from government, we have to do a man-know-man thing, that is even if you know the right person.

I joined my late political mentor, Hon. Olaitan Mustapha, from the year 1996 till 2009, when he passed on. I was his Personal Assistant from 1999 to 2007, when he was a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly. You should know what it means to work with someone for so long as a Personal Assistant. Before his demised, he handed me over to Hon. Olabinjo, who was then the Chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area in 2008, to serve also as his Personal Assistant. Despite the fact that his death was a big loss to me, I will still stand to appreciate all he did for me so far. He was part of those who channelled and strategized my political career. He has loads of goodies for me politically, but unfortunately death took him before time.

Personally in person, I am always contented and appreciative with what I have, and being given too by anyone. That is why I won Hon. Mustapha’s trust and still winning the trust of some other political personalities too. I always manage and plan with what I have, and also give out what I am limited to. That is why some people around me will say that I don’t really spend much as they expected. It is all because I can only give what I have, ‘’I don’t bite more than what I can chew’’.


Q: What are your achievements since you became the councillor of “ward E” ?


A: On the achievements, we are still counting, starting from drainages, which we have task forces around who are backed by law to patrol round and check those who are found of dumping refuse into the drainages , and make sure that they are brought before the law. We also tried our best to eradicate traders who display their market on passer’s walk way, which is not even safe for them (The traders) because we have seen series of incidents where traders were crashed down by vehicles. Therefore, it is our duty to safeguard the lives of our people, so enforcing it on them is what will work because our people don’t give up easily, even at the expense of their lives.

In the area of tax, we reduced it minimally to encourage them, so that it will be convenient for our people to pay as at when due and on time too into the local government purse.

Some drainages were also done at Fatunbi Street, around Kola axis too, to mention but few.


Q: Being a councillor of one of the largest ward under the Ojokoro LCDA ‘’Ward E’’, what are your joy and challenges so far?


A: Simply speaking, my major joy is my people. Everyone in my community is my joy because they already know me even before I ventured into politics to represent them. As large as it were (The ward), I take my time round to see how far we have gone, and where our attention is needed also. When I see what we have done so far, it gives me joy.

Challenges come in the area of enforcement of law on our people. Naturally, human being are so difficult to manage, most especially in the community where you grew up. One must be careful in order not to step on some toes, even if what you are bringing to them is to their advantage. Therefore to implement any law or order in a community requires wisdom.


Q: What are your Expectations in 2021?


A: My expectation is to make sure that I meet up with the request of my community, if not all, I want majority of them to be done by the local government.

There are some streets which I have forwarded to them for renovation, but there have not been enough funds to get them done. Example is the Ijaoye Street to link Abeokuta express road, Yusuf road etc. Some of our streets still need drainages and well graded roads too.

Presently, two roads have been proposed for grading so far, these are Ope-ewe Street and Olaniyi Street. As time goes by we will extend the grading to other streets. All these are my projection for 2021.

Apparently, in 2021, it is only God that can make all these come past through me, because we are moving towards our election period.


Q: How do you feel now being the new father in-law in town?


A: I feel happy, grateful, fulfilled and appreciative to almighty Allah for giving me the opportunity of been alive to witness a day like that. I pray that he should give me more so as to do for others too.

And I will like to appreciate those who graced the occasion with me that day morally and financially, starting from Hon. Hammed Tijani, Chairman Ojokoro LCDA, Hon. Benjamin Adeyemi, and all my councillor colleagues who were present, Hon. Osho Abdulazeez Kolawole, Leader of the house Ojokoro LCDA, Hon. Femi Oke, Majority Leader, Hon. Tunde Oyekunle, Chief whip, Hon Segun Adeniji, Hon. Adeyoola Ayorinde and Hon. Olotu Emmanuel. I say a very big thank you. God will reward you all.


Q: How do you manage your career and family that they don’t intercept each other?


A: ‘’Understanding’’ is the key word, my family understands me that I don’t go anywhere beyond politics. If there is need for me to do so I will inform them. So they all believe me and understand my movement. Therefore, aside politics, I spend the rest of my time with my family.


Q: On your Career sir, are you planning to return as a councillor or looking at another post?


A: For now, my interest is to be re-elected as councillor again, after that tenure I can now consider another position, and then seek my people’s backup on that.



Q: Stretching further sir, if you are been given the option of another position apart from councillor, which post do you think you can do better?


A: I cannot say anything or decide on that now, because politics is somehow dicey, but when the time comes, I know my God will never disappoint me.


Q: In this yuletide season, what is your message for the people?


A: I implore the people of Nigeria to please be calm this time around. Safety is most important now that we are in the dry season, they should be conscious and vigilant when using their gas for anything. They should be security conscious, drive safely, always have their nose mask on for protection as we are still in the wave of Covid-19.

I wish my people and Nigerians at large the best of the season as we proceed into another prosperous year.




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