The Segun Oni Interview: We’re Contesting Ekiti Election In Court To Defend Nigeria’s Constitution

Mr. Olusegun Oni is the Deputy National Chairman, South, of the All Progressive Congress (APC), He was the former Governor of Ekiti State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) between 2007 and 2010 before he was sacked by the Appeal Court. The Ifaki-Ekiti born politician who dumped PDP for APC spoke with‘s TIMOTHY AGBOR in Osogbo on the August 9 gubernatorial election in Osun state, how PDP allegedly introduced a new dimension to rig the June 21st Ekiti poll and the readiness of APC to challenge the outcome of the Ekiti election. Excerpts:

Any success so far in your deliberations on the coming governorship election in Osun State?

Yes, but wait for it.

What is the way forward?

The way forward is that we are going to work very hard and we are going to ensure that we do all that we should do and we are also warning, we don’t want any foul play. We are going to do everything to ensure that we get an election that is going to be free and fair and nobody should take us for granted.

Do you think that the outcome of Ekiti election will have any impact on the Osun election?

Of course, in a way because we have seen what happened in Ekiti, but we are going to prevent that.

But what really happened in Ekiti?

Wait until you hear the full report but I am sure that by now, we were not totally fooled afterall. Let us be very really factual, let us be very very clear, what you have seen in Ekiti is a new dimension to election rigging and I can tell you, we have seen it, we have studied it and I can say for sure that nobody will fool Nigeria like that again.

Would you still proceed to court despite the congratulatory message by the defeated Governor Kayode Fayemi and some leadership of APC?

The congratulatory message does not deprive us from exercising our right. The governor of Ekiti state said, if it is the wish of the people of Ekiti, we are not going to go against it and we are sure that, that election result is not the will of the people.

While Governor Fayemi has not come out to say he wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, are you saying that he is opposed in going to court?

A- He (Governor Fayemi) has been in agreement with the party’s leadership, there has never been any chain of disagreement. The governor said, if this is indeed the will of the people. He did not say wether it’s the will of the people or not and we have discovered that, that is not the will of the people, therefore, it should be noted that we are going to court to defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to ensure that it will be done in the best professional way.

So, what happens if the Osun Governorship election goes same way Ekiti went?

It will not go that way, God will not let it go that way.

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