The Supo Sasore Exclusive Interview: Those Who Know Fashola Know It’s Not In His Character To Anoint A Candidate

Lagos governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Olasupo Sasore, SAN, recently played host to‘s editorial team. In this exclusive interview, he spoke on his desire and ambition to rule the state. Excerpts:

Some people are saying that you are Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s annointed candidate for the coming governorship election in the state, what is your reaction to this?

If there’s any question about annointment, I think anybody who knows me would know that I share close relationship with Mr Governor, I have known him for several years and I had serve in his cabinet before. However, anybody who knows Governor Fashola would know that it is not in his character to anoint a candidate. It is not in his character.

When in specific time did you decide to join the race?

The desire to participate in politics has been with me for decades, it is not a new desire.

However, if you serve in public office as an Attorney-General, you are suppose to be Attorney-General for the state not for the government, so the office of the Attorney-General is unique, you are appointed by the Governor but you don’t serve the Governor alone you serve the people.

So an Attorney-General cannot and must not be member of a political party.

However, in spite of being the Attorney General and thus not expected to be card carrying member of any political party, my persuasion has been clearly progressive hence I had sympathy for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) at the time as I never serve in any All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

As soon as APC was formed, I was excited like many Nigerians, I was excited at the prospect of a progressive party, progressive is so distinguished from conservatism and reactionary politics in dynamics. It is forward moving. I think we belong to that train in APC, we desire to bring about positive element of welfare to the general public, the people who otherwise didn’t have any protection under PDP and other conservative type of government. I was excited and I joined the party. Then I took a step further by deciding to participate in politics of my own area which is Lagos.

There’s this belief that the party’s governorship ticket has been zoned to a certain part of the state and you belong to another part, what can you say about this?

Well! I often hear about the zoning but I am not really sure it is one of the principles of the party.

However, I will always respect the decision of the party if it is its decision to zone the ticket to a particular zone. We would however see at the point of decision making whether the zoning principle will be applied at the end of the day.

What’s your relationship with other governorship aspirants?

Oh! Excellent! Don’t forget that as Attorney-General and as I will say a leading member of the Executive Council, I had served in many capacities so I have been relating with members of government and the party, hence I’m well known within the party circle because of the several roles I have played precisely as an Attorney-General and as a member of the state Tenders’ Board which was the engine room of the delivery of the infrastructure in this state. This brought me in contact with so many people.

I have relationship with all the stakeholders. The governorship aspirants in Lagos State are fine gentlemen capable in their respective fields, so Lagos is blessed to have these array of quality people vying to become the governor of the state.

As you have said if you eventually emerges as candidate of the party, what will be your first agenda in preparation for the general election?

The truth is that anybody who emerges as the governorship candidate of the party has a serious trust handed over to him to represent the wishes of the party.

The people who have come together freely and voluntarily to form an association to create a platform to serve the people and for them to entrust their own political fortune to you is a very sobering decision, and it means such person will calm down and reflect on what to do to be able to deliver on the party manifesto.

The first thing to do therefore for me is to align myself with the common rule of the party, which is also common with the party manifesto.

Then, we will see to the actualisation of the party manifesto which guarantees success or otherwise of the candidate.

So for me, emerging the candidate means a moment of reflection on how I will translate the manifesto of the party into reality for the benefit of the people of the state.

Let’s look at the national level, can we have an APC government at the central?

For sure, for sure I believe it: the calculus is there, the excitement is there, the people also believe, people want change, people want progress and they believe it is an APC government that will provide this.

You look very serious, do you have time for recreation?

I do. I have a lots of time for recreation. To be honest with you, I’m a man of many interests; I’m interested in history and I write. I have just published a book.

Writing is part of being serious, not recreational?

I do a lots of sports, I have only just retired from football only because of my knee but I still play tennis actively, I play tennis three times a week, I still visit the gym, I swim, I enjoy listening to music, so I relax a lot.

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