Tolerance! Australian Baptist College Changes Dress Code To Accommodate Its First Hijabi Student; Prepares Special Area For Her To Pray + Photos

This is indeed a huge lesson for religious organizations in Nigeria, a lesson in tolerance.
It may sound incredible but it is true: a Baptist College in Australia changed its dress code in order to give room for the admission of its first Hijabi student.

Not only that, the school also prepared special area for the new student to pray.
For parents working in a foreign country, choosing the right schools for their kids can be a challenge, especially for a Muslim family living in a community where Muslims are the minority.

Apart from hoping to get a good quality education, the family would also hope for the tolerance and the acceptance of the community itself.

Thus, for this Singaporean Muslim father who is currently living in Australia, Syahrom Rahmad, it was a thing of joy to share about his daughter’s experience of going to the local Baptist College. he wrote.

“When Sumaiyah joined the local Baptist College, we were informed that she was the first hijabi student in the middle highschool college. The principal of the college took the effort to prepare a praying area for Sumaiyah.”

He elaborated further his wife had a discussion with the principal and they proposed to the board members that the hijab and clothing that cover the aurat be included as part of the school uniform.

The board members agreed on the proposal and starting 2020, modest clothing like black leggings, white long sleeve tops, and white or black hijab will be included as part of the school uniform.

“We are glad that the local community went the extra mile to uphold tolerance towards each other and this is a trait that should be followed by every community today. Our differences should not set us apart, they should be the reason we stay united like unique pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,” the proud father said.

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