US Medical Team Flees Nigeria Over Ebola

A team of the United States (US) medical mission in Anambra State, on Monday, fled the communities they were billed to work and travelled back to America for fear of Ebola virus.

Leader of the team, Professor Allison Anadi, who spoke with newsmen before their departure, said their home office recalled them, due to the threat of Ebola disease in Nigeria.

He, however, said the most prevalent health challenges among the communities they had visited were vision problem, diabetes and hypertension, adding that they had visited 90 communities out of 178 assigned places.

Professor Anadi said the team was recalled to the US to be on the safe side, adding that the programme is an annual event, therefore, any community not visited this year would be covered next year.

He pledged the commitment of the American government in carrying out research towards tackling the Ebola virus, to ensure it did not ravage Nigeria.

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