US, UK Silent On Obasanjo’s Letter To Jonathan

United States and the United Kingdom have maintained sealed lips on the letter from former President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan.

In the letter which has been a major subject in the political scene, Obasanjo accused Jonathan of training a killer squad.

He also accused him of promoting ethnic agenda, embarking on political vendetta by putting 1,000 politicians on his watch list and not showing enough commitment to the fight against corruption.

Although Jonathan had refuted the allegations, the two world powers said they had nothing to say about the issue.

Inquiry made to the UK High Commission in Nigeria showed that the country was not willing to comment on the letter which had generated a heated debate.

“Thanks for your text and e-mail.  This is a matter for Nigerians and not something we would wish to comment on,” says the spokesperson of the UK High Commission, Mr. Rob Fitzpatrick.

The US view was not any different.

The Information Officer, US Embassy, Abuja, Rhonda Ferguson-Augustus, said her country had nothing to say about it.

“Thank you for your question.  In response, as this is an internal matter of Nigeria’s, we have no comment,” she said.

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