War! Fayose, Kasamu Fight Over N2b Campaign Fund

The avowed plan by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to win Ekiti State in the June 21governorship election may have run into hitches, as one of the principal financiers of the party, Kashamu Buruji, is reportedly asking Fayose to start repayment of N1 billion he gave the governorship candidate immediately he was nominated as PDP candidate.

Buruji is the coordinator of the South West Mobilisation Committee of the PDP who boasted publicly few months ago that he was prepared to personally spend N1 billion in aid of Fayose to seize Ekiti State from Governor Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Sources said moments after Fayose got PDP’s ticket, Buruji reportedly fulfilled his promise with some terms to which Fayose agreed. 

It was learnt however that the deal was purely between Buruji and Fayose as the party was kept in the dark.

A dependable source said Buruji became jittery when information filtered to him that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was making the last push to get him arrested to face criminal charges over alleged drug trafficking in the United States.

According to the source, Buruji quickly alerted the Presidency and the headquarters of PDP in Abuja about his predicament and  the need to save him from Obasanjo’s plot. He reportedly told party leaders that he had given Fayose N1 billion he publicly promised to spend on his campaign and would like the  repayment to start immediately as he was not sure of where Obasanjo’s onslaught would lead to. 

Sources said the party hierarchy was shocked when Fayose reportedly confessed to the deal. According to them, the party was about releasing the first tranch of the N2billion that PDP earmarked for Ekiti State governorship election when details of the deal emerged.

Fayose had reportedly arrived Abuja shortly after the disgruntled PDP aspirants agreed to sheathe their swords and work together to ensure PDP’s victory at the poll. As the details of how the money should be disbursed were being worked out, Buruji’s men on the South West Mobilisation Committee quickly alerted their coordinator in his Abuja lodging about the exercise and the latter raced to Wadata Plaza headquarters of the party to present the proof of payment to Fayose, demanding that N500m of the cash be refunded to him immediately.

Fayose was said to be angry, saying even though it is true he collected N1b  from Buruji and that the money would be refunded, the terms of payment never included payment during campaign as Buruji is now demanding. The source said Buruji has stuck to his guns, insisting to recoup his money before it is too late.

Sources confirmed that Buruji would soon be declared wanted by international narcotics watchdog, which is working with the United Nations to punish any government that shields drug trafficking offenders across the world. This, it was confirmed, has unsettled the Presidency, which appears set to leave Buruji to his fate.

Sources in Ekiti PDP said Fayose has been uncharacteristically spending less in all the communities he had gone so far in his campaign trail as the expected funds appear to be in short supply after the Presidency got hints of the deal. This is compounded by a deluge of complaints and petitions coming from across Ekiti society strata about Fayose’s candidacy, including impending lawsuits, as the Presidency has now realised that it erred by supporting a candidate that has become a liability to the party.

When this medium contacted Austin Oyinokor, Buruji’s spokesman for his reaction, he did not pick his calls neither did he responded to our text message.

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