We Are All Amotekuns In Yorubaland – Muyiwa Ige


Son of late Chief Bola Ige, Architect Muyiwa Ige has submitted that nobody can rubbish the Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed ‘Amotekun’.

The erudite Architect and former commissioner in Osun State who gave this submission while featuring on the second edition of Parrot Xtra Hour On Radio aired on King 103.9 FM also added that the Amotekun project symbolizes everything that is good that a Yorubaman does.

His words “We are all Amotekuns. Each Yoruba person, each citizen of Nigeria living in Yoruba land is an Amotekun. Each citizen that is well behaved, that conforms to the laws, that is not a criminal, we’re all Amotekun.

“Amotekun is a ‘Child of circumstance’ in my own view because all these killings and attacks and the robberies- they are not only limited to high way robbery, everything criminal – they are not desirable.

“Yoruba land is taking its place back as the place of safety and so, we must think out of the box. Well, our Policemen and other security operatives have tried their best to tackle this issue but all efforts have proved abortive so we have to go back to local intelligence and its within us that we know who’s doing what is right and doing what is wrong.

“So, it has come to stay. Hopefully, the ‘Irunmoles’ will be coming out soon. You see, it’s not everything one does that must be divulged publicly and then also, we must be our brothers’ keepers.

“There’s also the fear of the unknown, some people are saying it won’t work out. We don’t need to make excuses to people, it shall be possible and shall workout.

There must be focus, everybody is an Amotekun, if you see anything that is not right in your area, tell somebody. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Alert someone, let them tell someone else, let the security operatives come in then there’ll be a handshake.

“So let’s remove the issue of impossibility, the people saying it will not work will be surprised by God because God is involved in this.

And overwhelmingly in Yoruba land today, there is a heightened sense of confidence and security that the people are satisfied with what is on the way.

During the interview session, he also took time to recall the day his late Dad and former Attorney General of the Federation, Chief Ajibola Ige was brutally murdered.

“We were together all day on that day, December 23rd. We were supposed to be in Esa-Oke for Christmas but unfortunately, he went to pick up his brother in Lagos, we arrived back in Ibadan, dropped his brother off at Oluyoro Hospital in Ibadan, we got home in Bodija around 8:40pm, and seven minutes after, hell broke loose.

“These despicable specimens of the human species came in, rounded us up in a corner of the house, and there was a lone gunshot and thereafter they just left and the rest is history. By the time I got to my father, there was nothing to be done. We tried to resuscitate him, but we thank God for the legacies Bola Ige left behind. The people who did this evil thing may decide not to die again, it is left to them”.

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